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Why every woman should use male companionship services

male companionship
The life of a woman is a very difficult one. Men usually accuse us of complexity when n the real sense of it, they are the ones that are complex. If you take the statistic of the so-called “bad girls” – whatever that means – you will discover that 70 to 80 percent of them have had a terrible experience with a guy out there. Girls who are well respected are those who have multiple guys around them. This is why I think every girl should use male companionship services. As a girl, I find it hard to believe that some girls can stay without a man till they are married. My first boyfriend made me realise how dumb this was. The moment he realised that I was a virgin, he adored me and did almost everything for me and then, the moment he deflowered me, his attitude changed. It became evident that to him, finding and deflowering girls is his trophy. I know many guys out there are just like him although I know that there could be a few exceptions too.
Now, look at it this way, how come in many parts of the world, girls are expected to be faithful why nothing of such is preached to men? Guys are always hunting for virgins but I have never heard a girl say before that she is hunting for a guy who is a virgin to marry or to call her boyfriend. This is totally unfair and I would want to believe that it is on this premise that many women are raising their flag for feminism. Well, I do not understand the brain of guys works particularly those who are able to keep more than one relationship. I know for girls, it is a hard thing to do because when a girl is in love, she gives her entire heart to it which makes it almost impossible for her to love more than a guy at the same time. Hence, as a girl, the only way you can brave having so many guys around is to use male companionship services.
I once had a conversation with several guys and they made it open that girls are more attractive when they have lots of guys around her. You know, there is something weird about guys. First is that guys are primed to contest. Guys rarely value anything they don’t work hard to get – many girls are like that too although for guys it is a little more at the extreme. There is this sense of fulfilment guys get when they finally get a girl that has made life a little uncomfortable for them. I learned this from the opinion of guys so I wonder why a girl would believe that a guy would love her more because she does not have any other guy around her. I still believe that there are exceptions but the majority won’t. In a world where we are dealing with the majority, I think it is better – if not best – to fall in line with the majority because if you should align with the minority and there happen to be a fallout, then you are gone.
Also, I think the use of male companionship services will help every woman out there to set the standard for themselves. Some girls who are in a relationship are taking lots of rubbish because they think that is the best they can get. No. Guys who join male companionship services know that they have to give their clients the best if they are not going to jeopardise their career. In the male companionship industry, the law is simple, it is either you offer the best of services or you get out. This is an unofficial law because it is not written on any slate and hung on the wall but it is widely practised which makes it viable. If those guys that have dedicated themselves to providing companionship services can train themselves to be romantic and caring to women – who are strangers to them, mind you – then a guy that calls himself your boyfriend should be able to do better. I am not by this writing preempting anyone to do anything; I am just stating a logical and obvious fact. Thank you for taking your time to read.

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How to be a good male escort? Simple steps for Good Looking M

classy male escortsBeing a man of pleasure and entertainment is not a simple game. There are so many things you need to fulfill in order to be a perfect entertainer. With the passage of time, the personal entertainment concept has become very prominent. For example, the male escorts are ready to offer great pleasure and entertainment to the clients. Who are clients? The clients could be men as well as women. The escorts are the professional persons having good knowledge to offer desired services in a superb way. It is recommended to focus on the following strategies to be successful male escorts.
Develop the attractive body:
First of all, you need to have an attractive physical appearance. Your clients will definitely select your services if there is something really fascinating in your personality. Body building is a part of personality development. It is very tedious to groom your personality without dealing with the physical appearance. You need to find the best gym or instructor. In order to be a prominent and seductive male escort, you should start preparation at least 2 months ago. There are so many case studies available about the life and experience of  male escorts.
Identify the main services:
Now you are ready to join a good male escort service in your area. It has been noticed that people visit the recruitment agencies and modeling services for this purpose. Don’t contact with the third parties because you need to get in touch with the escort services in your area. Search online and you will find numerous invitations from the reputed male escort services. You can become a male escort without any problem if you are in right hands. As a matter of fact, it is a type of professional service you will provide to the client by using a platform of a company. The company will give you a salary as well as commission for the escort services.

Bradford male escorts

How I Have Used a Bradford male Escort to Bring My Lost Husband Back to Home

Who said that you will have to be faithful to your husband even when you have found him with

Bradford male escortsanother woman? We are living in an open society and everybody should enjoy the right of living independently. It came as a shock to me when I discovered that my husband had been maintaining a live-in relationship with another woman. I got married to Jason two years ago, after finding him a suitable person to spend the whole life. He is a mechanical engineer employed by a reputed automaker here in England. We first met at the restaurant in the city of London and started dating after a couple of meetings.
Everything was going great between us before one of his office staff, who was on my friend list on a social networking site informed me that Jason often spends nights with another woman secretly. I decided to check it on my own and finally revealed the truth. However, Jason does not know I was aware of his disloyalty and I was pretending to know nothing about his sex life.
Since I loved Jason unconditionally, I was deeply hurt with his extramarital affair. However, I decided to move ahead and do the same what he had done to me. I often encountered the advertisements of Bradford male escorts while surfing the internet. I decided to take help from such agencies that are promising to provide dashing male escorts to any given address.
I decided to hire an escort on the day of our second marriage anniversary and I did it successfully. On the morning on that day, Jason told me that he got a leave from his company and he would spend the whole day with me. I simply declined his proposal and said that I had a special meeting with a friend. I told him that if he wants he can spend time watching TV at home. He looked quite surprised with my attitude.
I asked the male escort to meet at White Horse Inn, one of the most popular restaurants in Bradford at 6 O’ clock in the evening. He met me in time and we spent a great time by talking on several issues. I booked a room in a nearby hotel, which was close to an automobile showroom. Here I must say that the manager of the automobile showroom was a close friend of Jason and knew that I am Jason’s wife.
I eagerly want him to encounter me with the man I hired for the night and he saw us walking down the street. I was sure he did not take much time to inform Jason about this, which was a part of my plan.
I checked in my hotel room with the escort and asked him to prepare some drinks. During our conversation in the café, he told me he is a trained dancer and would show me some moves whenever if he would get the chance.
Here, I must conclude that I had no plan to sleep with the male escort because I loved Jason and could not even think about cheating him in my dream. My mission was to make him jealous and compel him to confess what he had done with our relationship.
Though I had the full right to enjoy the night with the handsome male escort, I had no such plan in my mind, because I was so worried about Jason and our relationship. I asked the man to show his dancing skills with the tune of my favorite track and he showed some wonderful moves that I never saw a man doing in real. I had to leave him at sharp 11 O’ clock because I hired him on an hourly basis and I did not want to extend the time.
He left the hotel room on time and then my husband entered. He tried to confront and just the escort told him that I am a faithful lady and in spite of hiring him she chose not to sleep with him. Then I told my husband about my real plan. He realized his mistake and that matters the most.
I was really impressed with the escort and my whole perception of them changed that day. He never disrespected my concern and suggested me to be faithful to my husband. I will not hesitate to hire a man like him if require in the future.

Cardiff Escorts

I became part of Cardiff male escorts for no reason

We often always have a reason for doing anything and we would often do everything it takes to justify cardif male escortsour reasons. For me, it was different. I joined Cardiff male escorts when I was twenty five and till today, I cannot come up with a remarkable reason to why I took that decision but it has been a life changing one for which I will be forever grateful to my wits.
Growing up was a little tough for me. I lost my mum when I was fourteen. She was expecting another baby but during the delivery, there were complications and she bled to death. I was left with my dad who took my siblings to the granny’s place because he could not take care of them. You know how it is with men; tough and often unreasonable, unlike women and mothers who mostly allowed their children to express themselves as much as they could. With my dad, you have to be careful with your or you draw his wrath. I got into college later and struggled through it.
All the while, I was in touch with my siblings, I visited them very often and I was not comfortable with their living standard. Almost everything in the house was rationed and it was more pathetic that I could not help – dad did not help much either. He was the sort of self-centered fellow that was more concerned about himself.
When I was in college, I observed some students who worked in collaboration with Cardiff male escorts agencies. They were not really part of any agency but used the influence of popular agencies to promote themselves. Many of the girls in the college used their services a lot. I became interested in many things about these students that worked as Cardiff male escorts;
They were very simple guys. They dressed well and never looked for anybody’s trouble even though they had the looks that could easily pass them as bullies. They were well disciplined and paid good attention in class. Working as Cardiff male escorts never affected their studies and results.
Secondly, they were each other’s keeper. They watched each other’s back academically and otherwise. They had a converging point where they met most evenings to discuss their academic challenges. If you had any problem with any topic, it was the place you bring it up and there would surely be someone in the pack that would put you through. If you dare engage one of them in a fight or try to bully one of them, the rest will come for you. Yes, their bond was that strong.
Keeping surveillance and eavesdropping on their conversation made me become interested me a lot but it did not make me to become one of them, to become a member of their league of Cardiff male escorts. I had my reservations about them too. Sometimes I likened them to a secret society – although they did nothing in secret. There were times when I crashed into their meetings uninvited because I had a problem with a topic which they were discussing and I was interested in knowing more and getting my confusion resolved. They were always welcoming which got me very impressed – although I tried to keep my intrusion minimal.
I was a little bit of unlucky not to secure a job immediately after my graduation. I did attend a couple of job interviews but I blew them. I knew I was never going to get the jobs after stammering through the questions thrown to me. Months turned into years and the frustration was piling alongside the pressure to do something about the welfare of my siblings. One day, I picked up my phone and called one of the guys I have known in school that was a member of Cardiff male escorts and told him I wanted in. It was not premeditated; I just did what I did like someone under the influence of a magical spell.
Life has become a lot easier three years after. My siblings are having a better life than I did because I am there to support them. Each time I look at them, I nod and tell myself that I was not a failure after all. I think watching the life of those Cardiff male escorts back in school influenced my decision in many ways.

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What next for male escort agencies?

escort agenciesThere is no way you can talk about male escorts without taking a long time to talk about male escort agencies – that is probably how important these agencies have been. They weaved the rope that was used to draw up the child called male escort from the dark depression it fell into. Male escort agencies made sure that male escorts could breathe again, gave respect to the name, male escorts and made them more visible to the world. My question is, despite all that male escort agencies have done, is there room for improvement? Can they take male escorts beyond this level?
Well, many male escorts themselves do not even realize the importance or contributions of the male escort agencies which is really sad. I was speaking with a new male escort the other day and the words he used to describe male escort agencies were terrifying. I had asked him how he was coming along and if his agency have been of any benefit to him and he replied,
“You know the hustle, you have to be on your feet. I am doing pretty fine and would have been better if not that my agency gulps a good part of my earning. I would have been better sincerely.”
You see, my friend here doesn’t see male escort agencies as part of the solution but part of the problem. And I bet you, if there should be some kind of referendum to decide if male escort agencies should remain in operation or done away with, he would gladly vote for the later. It took me close to two hours to school him that day and the small meeting which was supposed to last for an hour ended up being extended. I was glad I did the schooling because, by the time I left him, it was one less person talking against male escort agencies. And I urged him to pass the message across to his friends who shared his previous opinion. I really wish he would do that. That left me asking myself if male escort agencies actually take the time to educate their male escorts on why they need them and why they deserve to be paid. They need to start blowing their trumpets.
Let me give you a brief rundown of the past of male escorts before moving ahead. In the past, male escorts were like beggars moving from one place to another in a bid to advertise their services. It was not only a tiring process but also a demeaning one that robbed them of their prestige. With the advent of male escort agencies, there was no need to do that anymore. Male escorts began to attract the kind of respect that is desirous of a king and more people got to know about their services which also meant more clients. It was a cascade of events all happening at the same time to the advantage of male escorts. If anything should make the industry degenerate to what it used to be like half a century ago, I wonder how many people will be willing to continue.
Now let me tell some of the people who have been nursing negative emotions about male escort agencies why it is paramount that they donate to the agency. If you have ever made an attempt to run a website, you would have realized how difficult it is in terms of time and finance. The money that goes to male escort agencies is used to maintain the website and keep them running efficiently. Those behind the running of the websites need to be paid too – no one would want to run such an operation for free especially when they have needs to be met too.
So, having told you about the past and importance of male escort agencies as well as tried to demystify the notion that they are part of the problem, my next question is what more can they offer to male escorts? Well, this is the time when male escorts need the male escort agencies to step up their activities. They can work together with the state to either abolish or implement new laws that sway to their favor. Singly, they may not make an impact but when they come together as a team, they definitely will.

Vacancy: Become a male escort

become a male escortIf you are interested in become a male escort, there are lots of agencies out there where you can apply for male escort. The application process is usually easy and will not take you more than five minutes. There are several reasons why it is better to apply for male escort spot with a male escort agency than working as an independent escort, the major reason being that male escort agents have a wider audience than solo male escorts.
I can remember the first time I was asked by a friend to apply for male escort spot in his male escort agency and I turned it down. At that time, I was making a fortune as an independent escort and was like “What the heck is it with joining an agency that would probably end up ripping me off”. That was my concept of male escort agency and I did all I could to shy away from any vacancy saying “become a male escort”.
I discovered how important male escort agency was when I left my location to a new location where I was unknown to everyone. Before I go further, it will be nice to rewind the clock so that you will appreciate where I am going to. My elder brother worked as a male escort and his career though a banner calling on guys to apply to become a male escort. The words “male escort” excited him and when he did a little research further, he became more interested and applied. He had made fame and fortune for himself in the business.
I envied him and through him I became a male escort too. How it all started was that I used to watch his back when he had a tight schedule. Since we looked very much alike he would come to me and say,
“Hei bro, I got a call from a client asking me to escort her to so and so client and I would like you to represent me”.
In my usual way, I would hesitate a little and he would be like,
“Don’t let me lose that money”.
I would smile and oblige – and I always got paid for it. As the money continued to increase in my pocket, I decided to make it a full time occupation. I was so good at male escorting that I have gotten repeat hires from many of the clients my brother passed to me. It was exciting to work as a male escort and the clients never stopped pouring in. When my brother’s agency made a call for guys to apply for male escort spot, he told me about it but I saw no need for it so I told him I was not interested.
Back to where I was. In the new location, the major challenge I had was growing my clients again because I was a total stranger. I was not also close to my brother to enjoy from his spill over. Somehow, I believed that I would get through the setback but when my purse started to deplete, I knew I had to act fast. I moved from pub to pub, from one night club and strip clubs to another, telling a few people I had the opportunity of interacting with that I was a male escort but that did not work very well. The drought continued. I also discovered that moving from one place to another telling people to hire you was a little demeaning. I needed no one to tell me that I had to try something different. I joined a male escort agency that night.
It was there that I discovered that majority of male escort users in my new location prefer to apply for male escort online rather than to use the services of independent male escorts whom they could not always trust. The next morning, my phone was already ringing and I figured it was the best decision I had taken in my career. Here is my final word. For you to become successful in your career, you have to monitor your environment.

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Thanks Ian and the Team

The success needed to Become a male escort

Male escort is a trendy field for those who are finding it hard to secure a job in any of the industries around eitherbecome a male escort for their low academic qualifications or because of other flimsy reasons. There is a huge market in the industry as more and more people are looking for independent male escorts to help them fight depression and a whole lot of other problems.

It is true that not all the regions of the world are privileged to have an organised male escort agency and if you happen to be in any of those regions, that should not stop you from succeeding as a male escort. The absence of a male escort agency to fit into presents you with the opportunity to become a male escort.

The idea of being an independent escort can be interesting or scary depending on the angle you are viewing from. Let me explain. When there are no male escort agencies around, like you, many people will be scared of becoming male escorts and that means that the few that braves the wind to become a male escort will have a large market waiting for them. In simple terms, there will be limited competition which means more work and more money to be made.

On the other hand, the idea to become a male escort will be scary if you consider how difficult it may be to get clients – and this is the major drawback that makes a lot of people shy away from venturing into independent escorts. The land is always greener on the other side, right? Yes!

The major purpose of male escort agencies is to work as an umbrella that would bring all the different male escorts together thereby making them more visible on the net and in the environment – but does that mean you cannot work out your own fame and relevance? Absolutely not.

When you become a male escort, all you have to do is to move around to the hot spots that see a conglomeration of potential customers like the pubs, nightclubs, beaches and so on. Once you get there, you can spot potential customers and meet them one on one to tell them that you are an independent escort. Gradually, your client base will grow.

It would not hurt to design handbills and distribute them in those places if possible; that way, your messages continues to pass across even when you are not there. It is going to be a hard climb but if you are dedicated, self-motivated and driven by the passion to succeed, you will definitely get there faster than you ever dreamed.
Here are a few tips to help you become a male escort.

1. You need to be polished: You need to learn as much as you can about the ethics of male escorting. If you have friends who are already male escorts, run to them to give you tit bits on how they have fared in their years as male escorts. You do not need to have the best and highest degrees but you need to learn how to talk in a manner that would make you irresistible. If it means taking a few speech classes then you need to do it. The baseline is to give your clients something to remember long after your departure.

2. Keep a record of your clients: You see, the first couple of jobs you will get will depend on repeat hire. This is why you have to value your first few clients because they can make or mar you. If they enjoyed your service, they will be the ones to sing your praise and promote you among their friends who use the services of independent escorts too but when they don’t like you, you are doomed already. Make sure you do not leave a client without getting their contact. Send them messages frequently to keep your memory in their mind so that they next time they need the services of an independent escort you will be the first person that will come to their mind.
Do have the very best of experience as an independent escort.

Want gay boys to rent? Go online

There are lots of places to look if you are looking for gay boys to rent. You can find lots of them lurking gty_for_rent_lpl_130619_wmainaround the neighborhood – although these type are very hard to identify because people are not always free with disclosing their gender especially when they are not sure of the sexual orientation of the people they are talking to. If you want to make finding gay boys to rent easier, you need to make your sexual orientation open so that the boys in the hood get to know you as gay.

Another easy way of finding gay boys to rent is by hiring a male escort and asking for their assistance. You see, male escorts always have a link between each other. They always know themselves either from body language or through recommendations irrespective of whether they belong to the same agency or not. So, if you can find a male escort and tell them your intention, they will probably be able to help you get gay boys to rent or will offer useful recommendations.

The best and easiest way to find gay boys to rent on the other hand will always be to take your search online. The world is moving from the mechanical way of doing things to the more flexible online method.

Gay Male escorts now prefer to register with male escort agencies which are a more dignified way of plying their trade. Joining a male escort agency gives a kind of prestige to the male escort business which is why it is the most preferred platform in recent times.

Good male escort agency websites have segments dedicated to different male escort groups like gay, straight, bisexual and all that. When you are looking for gay boys to rent, all you have to do is to click on the gay section of the website and you will have lots of them staring on your face and the only problem you would have at this time is which of them to choose.

My name is Julian and I prefer gay boys to rent whenever I am looking for a male escort to escort me to a party because I am a party freak. There is no weekend that I do not have a party to attend. I grew up that way and if you ever try to make me change, you will become my enemy.

With gay boys around, I am not afraid of any incident because I know they cannot possibly fall in love with me. I am this type of person that respond to love in the sense that once I get the feeling of being loved I cannot hold back loving that person to. This personal weakness led me to my first heartbreak. Till this day I still believe that the only reason Michael treated me the way he did was because he got me too easy. People don’t tend to appreciate what they get for free.

When I did not know about male escort agency, I use to have a hard time getting gay boys to rent. I had a friend, Charles who was a male escort and I relied on him to supply me with the information of gay boys to rent. There were a lot of problems with this arrangement. First was that Charles had my personal life and secret in his palm and he could easily use it against me. The second was that I did not always get gay boys to rent when I need them. The last was that I noticed Charles began to rip me off. He began to request for exorbitant amount for him to get me what I need and it began to get on my nerves – more like I have become his stooge.

I knew I had to break free from his grasp and enslavement and that was what led me to begin looking for new ways to find gay boys to rent and it was during one of my numerous searches that I realized that the online means was the easiest and had always been there all these while.

Local escorts for Local people

local escortsThere is always this subtle longing to want to ignore the local escorts for an international alternative just for the fun of it or because of the yearning to taste something different, something from the other side of the field. I have been using male escort services for over three years now and there is something I have come to discover; local escorts are still preferable to foreign escorts and I will give you a rundown of reasons from my personal experiences why I still prefer local escorts. This is a personal experience and you may agree to differ but in the majority of the cases, the result is the same. I will try to use personal experiences to elucidate my points.

Every race has their different ideologies and there may be clash of interest when you go for the foreign male escorts. The treatment that gives you the best of satisfaction which you desire from a male escort may not be what they are used to and may be oblivious of your method or find it hard to adapt. This is usually the first point of conflict.

Personally, I love the services of the local escort in my block because they have come to understand that we ladies in that block love our men to be hard on us. We love them dressed shabbily and looking tough. We get horny from watching them approach from afar. When they handle us on the bed, it is a whole different story and we enjoy the roughness. I have become so used to them that I needed something for a change. On this note, I hired a foreign male escort of a different nationality. The idea was thrilling at first because I was going to meet somebody new and have a new experience from what I was used to – how wrong was I.

He was all suited up in a leather black tuxedo which should impress any girl with an English background but surprisingly, I was not impressed. He looked like a nerdy geek with no sense of fun – and it turned out to be that he had no sense of what our girls need. He did not talk tough in such a way that would get me weak rather he tried to be romantic in his speech which really sucked. I must admit that for an English girl, he would have been an epic encounter – but not for me. I did enjoy his company a little but not as I would have.

The second reason why I consider local escorts above foreign escorts is because of misunderstanding there are several slangs I used which naturally local escorts would understand but with him I needed to explain almost every word I said and this took the fun out of them – it felt like explaining a comedy. There are times I said one thing and he understood it as another. The communication gap was always there throughout the entire encounter and it was a serious problem.

I understood where the problem was coming from because I had the patience and listening ear but I bet not everyone will – and that subtle comparison will keep coming to their mind even when they are not bold enough to voice it out. You see, when you hire a foreign escort, you make life difficult for them because they have to struggle so hard to impress you.

Local escorts on the other hand will not have to struggle so hard because they already understand the people they are dealing with, how they think and how they act and most especially, the communication flaw will be eliminated. It is understandable that once in a while everyone will want a change. All I am saying is that when you do go for the foreign male escorts, you should not expect too much from them. It should be more like a gamble where you expect the least odds. If it turns out good, you will be glad and take it as a jackpot.

How I Lost My love for a Male Escort

I never thought that I will lose my love a male escort, who not only made my first sexual experience male escortamazing, but took care of my feelings and physical capabilities. I am a 22-year-old US citizen pursuing graduation on Medicine from Cambridge University and here I will share my story of how I lost my love to an escort and what convinced me to do so.

After completing my high school study in the USA, I decided to pursue a graduation on medicine from the UK’s Cambridge University. I along with my four other friends visited the United Kingdom two years back and got admission to the Cambridge University. This was my first visit to the country and I had not much idea about its culture and traditions. We rented an apartment situated nearly one and a half kilometer away from our university and that is where I enjoyed the greatest pleasure of my life.

I had a boyfriend in my high school, who was one year senior to me. We had a great time together until I came to know that he was enjoying similar things with two other girls from different schools. I kicked him out from my life without any explanation and fled to the United Kingdom for higher studies.

Though my ex-boyfriend tried several tricks to convince me for sex experiences, but I did not help him to become successful in his plea. You might be wondering to think how a woman aged around 20 years hailing from the US, could still be a virgin, but it is a fact. Many of my friends were engaged in sexual activities while studying in high school. Most of them were engaged with their boyfriends, while some of them slept with strangers.

The time, when I first realized what the sex is all about, a fear about the practice grew in my mind. I thought men push their dick inside women’s vagina forcibly and it would be horribly painful. However, my view and fear towards sexual intercourse entirely changed after having my first intercourse with a male escort.

Apart from me, my three other friends are party animals, as joining weekend parties was our common addiction. One day, they could not make it to the nearest night club due to inclement weather condition and decided to hire a man from a well-known agency of male escorts. I tried to stop them from doing this, but finally, they did it.

I heard someone ringing the doorbell and when one of my friends opened it, I saw a handsome man standing with a bottle of champagne in hand. It was an apartment with a single but big bedroom with multiple beds. Thus, there was no place to hide for me except watching them enjoying the pleasure.
The man sent by the agency was in his late thirties and looked so young and gentle. My friends were not new in this business, as they had the experience of handling an escort. However, the man went to the kitchen and promised that he will return with a delicious food. Within 15 minutes, he returned with a dish and it was wonderful.

He prepared drinks for us and invited me to dance which I immediately declined since I was not good at it. My friends took him to the bed and started disrobing him gradually. They went wild pulled out his dick out of his underwear and start playing with until it became harder and bigger than its natural size. It was very difficult for me to stay aside and watch my friends enjoying the pleasure.

I threw out my clothes too and joined the party forgetting all my fears and speculations about the senario. Here I should include that after seeing my attitude and approach towards him, the man had realized that it will by my first experience, started treating me carefully and did nothing that could hurt me both physically and mentally.

I would like to confess that his attractive physical features and personality had impressed me a lot and that is why I did not stop myself from enjoying the greatest pleasure of my life. In my opinion, male escorts are not there to provide you only pleasure; they will bring a lot of fun and happiness in your life.

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