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Welcome to The Male Escort Agency, my name is Ian I have been a male escort for the past six years and with the experience I  gained I decided to set up “The Male Escort Agency” to provide ladies and gentlemen, the searching facility to find the perfect male escort/companion for all dates, events and occasions.

We are now at the stage where we are the UK’s busiest and highest 5 Star Trustpilot independently reviewed agency online. We have now grown to the point that our employees include Melissa and Michelle to help provide extra help in what women are looking for with a male escort.

The Male Escort Agency offers a full service to help male companions whether straight male escorts, gay male escorts or bisexual male escorts to advertise and promote their services, with ongoing assistance and input from our team to ensure the highest levels of quality, security and discretion for all our clients.

We have male escorts to cater to all areas and sexualities, so please take a good browse. Ladies and Gentlemen if you have used our services please remember to leave a review of your chosen escort/companions. Reviews help us so much in continuing to provide a premium service if you have any concerns what so ever please do not hesitate to contact us directly at [email protected] where we will be able to help you directly.

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About Me, My Experience And What We Can Offer You

home-page-2I have been a male escort for three years, in that time I have learned a huge amount. I have discovered what clients both require from male escorts and also what they expect. In gaining this understanding of the male escorting world, I have been able to help, teach and support other men who are wanting to enter the rewarding and exciting world of male escorting.

I decided to start The Male Escort Agency as an online portal where men can take maximise their careers as in male escorting. The website is not only a great way to get help and information on becoming a male escort but is now one of the UK’s leading agencies attracting over 50,000 visits a month, creating great demand in male escorting services.

You don’t need me to tell you that unless people can find out about you then your chances of being booked as a male companion are virtually nil. By offering this level of help, information, evaluation and promotion of you as a male companion it sets our website apart from any other agency or directory. Purely from my personal experience, I know that what we offer is totally unique.

Our Male Escorts

Smart male escortIt is vital that a male companion is perfect for the occasion for which he is booked. This can be anything from a dinner date, a wedding, a business trip or just a relaxing holiday. What everyone is looking for in a male escort is security, good company, conversation and attention. It is always essential that you build up a little rapport with your chosen man before you meet, there is no charge in contacting the male escort of your choice.

With The Male Escort Agency, you will find a detailed search facility that will help you find the perfect companion for your occasion.

Our Guarantee

Male escort guaranteeThrough reading this page you will have learned that the male companions on this website are personally evaluated and approved by our team we then offer advice on how to improve skills to attract more clients, in turn, this improves the level of service they can offer clients. We decided to do this for two reasons.

The first is that we want to make sure that the male escorts have the right personality and experience for your occasion. we simply want to make sure that anyone who books a male escort from The Male Escort Agency has the best possible experience that can be offered therefore keeping the good feedback and satisfaction coming in.

Secondly, we want to make sure that all of the male escorts with The Male Escort Agency are the right type of person for the business. We never want to create a false illusion to any man who really is not cut out for the world of male escorting, It is not fair to them, nor to anyone who is booking them. What I have created is true to my own personal beliefs. We constantly strive to make sure that The Male Escort Agency offers the best male escorts available in the UK. We also wanted to ensure that the rates charged for their time spent with you are realistic and transparent.

Booking A Male Escort

The male escorts provided through The Male Escort agency escorts are generally available within a few hours notice. As particularBooking male escorts male escorts become popular they will obviously get booked up, so if you have an occasion coming up we recommend that you make contact sooner rather than leave it until the last minute.

As a male escort what I find most important is communication, to talk and fully understand the details for the occasion, it gives the chance to strike up a rapport, and most importantly gives you the client the ability to find out that the escort you are booking has the skill sets required for what you request them for.


DiscretionA huge consideration at The Male Escort Agency is your privacy. We do not need you to register your personal details just to be able to view our male companions nor do we need you to book your escort through us, you contact your chosen escort direct from the details provided on their profile page. If you do have any concerns or questions and wish to contact us please feel free to send us an email at [email protected] where we aim to respond within 24hrs.

Try Not To Be Nervous

Most people have never booked a male escort and think the whole experience will be daunting. That could not be further from the truth with The Male Escort Agency. We have made sure that every male companion on the website has been personally evaluated and is more than able to put you at your ease right from the beginning with discretion being key.

Reviews Speak For Themselves

excellent_geneuine_customer_reviews_-_trustpilotWe have been so pleased with the excellent feedback that we have had both for The Male Escort Agency and the male escorts on the website. We decided that it would be best if those people who had booked a male escort through The Male Escort Agency had the opportunity to write their own reviews. They are totally discrete, anonymous and helps anyone else looking to book a male escort make an informed choice. Independent reviews by clients and escorts can be found on trust pilot so please take a look for yourself.

The Male Escort Agency Mission

What we strive to do is make sure that anyone who books a male escort through The Male Escort Agency has a wonderful experience and one that can be remembered for all the right reasons. I believe that trust and privacy are the cornerstones of being a male escort and confidentiality is essential.

Become A Male Escort

Being a male escort can be a fun and rewarding way to spend your time. You get to meet new and interesting people, visit some great places and make a living all at the same time. There is no blueprint for being a male escort and we come from all backgrounds and ages. You will no doubt have plenty of questions and We are here to help you. Just click our “Become A Male Escort” page for further information and find out if we have availability in your areas.


Become A Male Escort

How the male escort agency has transformed the lives of many men

Male Escort AgencyThe bitter experience many male escorts have had in the past is that they fall into the trap of agencies that are after their own

pocket – many of the agencies out there are like that. There are also other agencies set up by people who do not have an idea of what male escort means, hence, they find it difficult being of any help to their male escorts no matter how well intentioned they are – the truth is that you cannot give what you do not have, right?
The male escort agency is unique in a number of ways. The first thing you would notice about this prestigious agency is that it was established by a male escort, Ian, who has over three years’ experience on male escort. You know what this means? He has the experience and the tricks of what it takes to succeed as a male escort – and he never fails to expound his ideas on the website.

Young men who have the desire to become male escorts can tap into this agency which has a wide coverage to help them reach a large number of clients. One thing you can be sure of when you join is that you will not be exploited. You will get the exposure and information you need to succeed almost at no cost at all. Clients also have the chance of getting male escorts of any nationality of their choice.

Being a male escort is fun and rewarding because you will get to enjoy a whole lot of benefits at a time; visit new places, meet new and interesting people and make money. Intending male escorts especially those who have no prior idea of what male escorting means will often have a thousand and one questions bugging their mind. Not to worry, the male escort agency has a support system that helps to resolve some of the challenges faced by their male escorts and clients alike.

The website is open to men of all ages. Different categories of male escorts; bisexual, straight, gay, transgender, are promoted without bias and you can be sure that no matter which category you settle for, you will not be sidelined. There is no discrimination whatsoever on race, sex or age so male escorts and clients alike can be assured of a friendly environment where they can fit in without having to change to someone else – more like come as you are.

It is part of the mission statement of the male escort agency that anyone who books male escort from the website will have a wonderful experience worth remembering for the right reasons. This should be soothing to clients too who should be concerned about what they are paying for. Many agencies out there do not give a damn about the satisfaction of their clients but in the male escort agency, male escorts are expected to be of best behaviour.

If you still have doubts about the male escort agency, then you can go through their reviews. Clients who have used the male escort agency are advised to give a sincere feedback regarding their experience. Going through the reviews – which by the way has been maintained on excellent – will help you as a male escort and client to understand that you are in the right place.

Male escorts under the male escort agency also have the extra advantage of being mentored on how to improve on their services through the regular blog post of the website. They will get a few hints which no other male escort agency in the UK provides to their clients. In a few years, male escorts under the male escort agency can be assured that they can move from amateur to professionals.

A candid advice to intending clients by Ian is that if you have an upcoming event that you would need a male escort for, then, it is best to begin to make contacts upfront with the male escort of your choice because they may not be available if you settle for the late shows especially when they are very popular.

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male escort opportunities

Better than the best male escort opportunities

Some of the male escort’s agencies do not recommend their escorts to be too polite and completely attentive all the while. Still, the professional escort’s ethics is that they should put the client’s needs first, as they are being paid for the services. Once they are booked for companionship they are being paid for that, so it is professionally expected that they have to be a good companion under all the circumstances. The number of services that the male escorts can offer will actually depend upon the person and its characteristics.   Some of the escorts maybe getting more than a few appointments. While some other escorts will not get bookings adequately often, the reasons are too many. Other than that, there is no specific expectation from escorts club to pick up only certain type of men from certain background. There are no big requirements from the escort’s facilities to hire anyone for the escort’s job. However, the male escort opportunities are too many, though.   So that goes to show that if you are passionate to be an escort then you are most welcome. Even if you are in your eagerly days, this particular guidance of the experienced mentors in the same facility is crucial. You will be able to serve the clients better when you are experienced and professional enough to Cater to the needs of the clients precisely and your number of bookings will be increasing proportionally. The number of bookings is not limited by the personality of the escorts. The male escort opportunities are unlimited for all.   The number of bookings is not limited by the race, Origin or any other qualification of the escort. It is just a good attitude of the person that will win the Goodwill of his target audience. Escorts will love to dress well to attract women.   The chances are brighter for the escorts to get more number of bookings based on two important factors. You must be available on time. You must be available in a prominent location. In some parts of the city, the number of bookings is higher. It could be because of the simple fact that the location lures in the attention of thousands of tourists regularly. There may be many other reasons also. Do not miss the male escort opportunities there.  …

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male escort employment

How to find a decent male escort employment

Are you concerned about your insecure nature as a grown up adult without any good job? Are you finding yourself to be legging behind the tough competitors in your field of expertise? Do not worry, even if you do not know anything at all, being less educated, you do not have to limit yourself from earning good pay packets anymore. Of course, you can be a star too. You can dress well like the models too. All you need is a well paying male escort employment, though.  You can look glamorous like the stars, celebrities and icons too. There are possibilities for you to make some great deal of money too provided if you are ready to cope up with the demands. The situation today in the escorts industry is that, one has to be willing to serve a nod that is as simple as that. You do not have to be a geek in math or science to do this job. Prepare yourself to be a loveable person first. Male escort employment has no big eligibility criteria s you might have image it to be. You need to shape up your body a bit. You need to change your occupation style a bit. You need to dress well, and look well all the while. When you look fit and attractive to men and women than half of the battle is won already. Further, the top class men in the industry can shape up you to reach pinnacle heights eventually offers the best training that. Every time I see you, I keep falling in love with you all over repeatedly. It happens with quite a few couples who are too sensitive about their intimacy, affection and relationship. They cannot sustain this relationship on the long run for one reason or the other. They successfully break up. Yeah, it is a success about what they would realize may be after a decade. By that time, their perspective about the real life changes dramatically. What if they had not break up the relationship? This thought of their own, is sure to arise often from time to time. Still, when the real maturity is attuned in life then the very old thoughts and opinions might look very clumsy. What if you did not break up and you lived together with that miserable companion? How long you can enjoy watching each other when you have a few kids, and still in miserable situations to face so many adversities in life. How about the social status, security standards, affluence and so on? Real capable people can manage to overcome the odds. Are you looking at it when you fall in love with someone during the tender ages? Not at all! You realize that after a good while. Learn by the experience of your predecessors. Change the attitude. You do not have to cheat yourself into something that does not exist. It is senseless to give importance to some physiological changes or biochemical changes that are part of the evolutionary process. Learn about the priorities in life. When you are in need of love making partners then call for assistance and enjoy the private hours, as you want. Do not invite unwanted commitments to face in the name of big relationships unless and until you are really in need of one. All until then, try to lead a life of real solid character. Dynamic people are highly successful in life because they do not store their emotions but cut it off immediately. When you want to dissipate some of the stored energy then you can call for lover boys in London. Yeah, the VIP chaperons can make merry with you for as much number of days as you please to do so. Decent men alone find the best male escort employment nowadays.  They will get to understand the desires and the wildest dreams of the clients too. Over a period, you get this either real experience converted into real time business online or offline. That can propel your career to further heights. There are plenty of people who are so rich today just because of their passion towards learning about all the nuances related to this job of escorting all types of men and women. So, be happy about your male escort employment.

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Gentlemen for hire

Value for money with our Gentlemen for hire

All that you are is something all that I would never ever need. What all I need is a temporary companion for pleasure, fun, entertainment, and relaxation? When I can find everything of that from a genuine male escort, then why bother wasting time anywhere else. Yes, I can choose from the list of Gentlemen for hire. This is how the attitude of the modern day women, is trending lately. They are quite interested in making love as and when they get the romantic moods and then just shift their attention towards the essential material aspects of their life. It is quite sensible and that is the ideal way to be successful in life too.  When you are going to entangle tin the foolish relationships then there are so many limitations to hinder your growth, prospects and in turn your total future as a whole. If you had spent those useful hours sensibly to work for yourself in a proper channel then you could have made a lot of money. You could have saved it and your future could be secured in many ways.  This is realized by lots of women today. They are not going behind the wastrels anymore. Professional’s escorts know how to deal with all this type of monad women’s adequate training is offered to the youngsters to serve the clients appropriately. The guests who visit the escorts club may be keen about knowing the real story about the escorts. The   escorts tell them about their past, and the plans.  The guest swill also b interested to say about their personal achievements, feats, and accomplishments of the current times.  It is sure to boost their morale and get them a peaceful sleep for the night. It is because of the sharing. Call the Gentlemen for hire. When you got lovable people to share your feelings and emotions, then you are relieved.  The amount of money that you are going to spend to spend time with the top class escorts is completely worth it for all these reasons. So, do not even hesitate about doing the bookings as and when you need to do so. There are different types of friends for us. Some of the friends are so nice to us. Some of the office colleagues are so nice to us too. We may be getting millions of dollars profits because of the workers in our factories and mills. For that, the manager might be responsible.  The supervisors may be responsible. They night have  done the smart work for you to win some million dollars tool in that case the best way to treat them is by offering them the best companions.  When they are allowed to enjoy the company of the sweet escorts then they are sure to appreciate that treat. Similarly, some of the friends can help you to recover and recoup from crises situations too. When you are bouncing back, and then see to that, you are treating them well. Bestow them something that you could have never ever done before. Yeah, call the Gentlemen for hire. It is one way of expressing your gratitude to the people who came in handy for you, when there is an utmost need. You cannot offer them costlier gifts equivalent to that of the help that you got. Instead, you can try to satisfy their desires in this way. They would love it. You cannot pay money to friends who are closer to you as a token of love and affection. You cannot repay in cash or kind for their timely help.…

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