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A surge in gay rent boys

gay rent boysThere are lots of young guys joining the gay rent boys category, and this means a lot to the LGBT community. If the LGBT community is to stand a chance of one day being given the legal freedom to live how they want across the globe, it is very important to get young guys to join the movement. Else, as the current generation age, the community will quietly phase out.

I am one of those guys. I am gay, and for a long time, I have been looking at myself as abnormal because the world wants to keep us in the shadows. Something deep down always tells me that I am special. The movie “X-Men” has been a great inspiration to me. It thought me that being different is not a crime. I just had to find a way of harnessing my strength for good.

Like Wolverine, I have been looking for other gay people to connect with especially online because my dad will never approve of me associating with such groups. I finally found an LGBT community that had a lot of young guys online, and I joined. I easily made friends with some of them because of my extrovert and chatty nature.

Few months down the line one of the guys invited me to their meeting. It was in another city far from my home. Since I loved to attend, I needed a place to stay because I couldn’t tell my dad to give me money for such a trip. I raised my worries to my friend, and he agreed to let me stay with him.

I had enough savings to cover the expenses for the trip as well as feed me for a week. By the way, I was unemployed all these time not because there was no job but because I haven’t really found any that gave me the satisfaction I needed.

My friend was excited to see me. He was more handsome that the image I saw. From the moment of my arrival, he took me around the city and showed me a lot of interesting places. He would make a great tour guide, I tell you.

On the day of the meeting, we got dressed in a black tuxedo and went. Looking at us one would easily assume that we were gay rent boys because we looked as if we have known each other forever. I met some of the other guys that I have been chatting. The meet up was a huge success.

During the program, I was exposed to a lot of opportunities in the gay world. The most trending was working as gay rent boys. Exploring the opportunities, the freedom and the love I got from this community, I knew that I was never going back to my dad’s house. I called my dad and told him that I wasn’t going to come back.

“What’s the problem son?” he asked. I could sense worry in his voice. Since I didn’t agree with my dad on some grounds, I loved him and appreciated the impact he had made in my life.

“Dad it’s nothing bad. I just got a job, and the pay is good,” I said.

The tone of his voice changed instantly. His voice became more of enthusiasm. “Tell me about the job”.

I am pretty sure that my dad will be disappointed if I should tell him that I was working with gay rent boys. He never wanted to hear anything about LGBT in his house. “Ehmm…” I said as I thought of the answer I would give him. “I don’t have the full detail of the job now, but it is the service delivery sector. I will call you again when I have the full job description.

Till today whenever he calls, I would divagate. I guess he no longer thinks about it or he has given up asking because we now talk about other issues when I call. Working with gay rent boys have been a great relief. Besides the fact that it felt more like doing what I wanted other than just working for money, it has exposed me to the possibility of being whoever I wanted.

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