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I reserve a higher admiration for him!

Luca is a very charismatic and gorgeous man (his photos really don't do him justice), just as described in his profile he has the gift to put you at ease and fulfill your hidden wishes while feeling completely safe and most importantly happy. I think I would like to book him again in the future because I feel like so much revelatory positive stuff happened in such a short space of time that I was quite overwhelmed (in a good way), he helped me learn so much about myself and how to let go and I would like the chance to explore this further with someone I know I can trust but this time knowing I don’t have to be nervous cause I know what to expect. In short: I would highly recommend Luca to anyone looking to have an incredible time.


by Anonymous on The Male Escort Agency

Bastian is such an easy going guy to make you feel at ease. Cute, confident and charming and will look after you from the start. We had the weekend to experience new things, laugh, foods, drinks and just get lost in London with no agenda. Conversation flowed and he makes you feel amazing! Can’t wait to get lost again with you xx

This was my first foray into the world of male escorts and, yeh, I was nervous! But, it was surprisingly easy from the get go and, actually, perfect at the conclusion. I would say if you’re looking for a safe, simple and stringless platform on which to have a guaranteed enjoyable and successful date. this is definitely the way to go and Bastian’s definitely your chap! Very lovely, likable man! It was just one night, but, for me, a magical mini love affair. Will have a skip and a whistle whenever I reflect upon it. Thank you.
Lumi xxx

I have been seeing Samuel somewhat regularly for the past 3/4 months since I had a messy breakup with my soon to be ex husband. Unfortunately called him today and his unavailable for a while and it just kind of hit me how much power this man possesses. I read the other reviews and agree with all but can’t help to think they’re all on a superficial level, there’s something ever so reliable and grounded about him even though he can be sporadic and susceptible to bursts of energy. As a practising psychologist I find him truly a rare specimen and can whole heartedly say there is no one else I would rather share my secrets with or be intimate with either. Really need more men like Samuel, meeting him makes dating somewhat impossible.. your a gem S, hopefully see you when your back in action x