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I really enjoyed my session with him, he is a very good Top guy !

Sadman really cheered me up.

Mr Sunflower

You’re electric and so good!

I contacted Patrizio after a lot of thinking and research, and I can't be happier that my choice fell upon him. I booked him a few weeks in advance and he was very friendly since the very first moment. We exchanged a few polite pictures, discussed likes and dislikes, and he immediately showed intererest and understanding for what I desired this experience to be. He kept discreetly in touch throughout the following weeks, so that when we finally met I didn't feel I was meeting a stranger, and I was at ease. Patrizio turned up with some lovely flowers, dressed up in perfect Italian style, smelling wonderful.
He is a great entertainer, fun and witty, the conversation flowed ever so naturally- there's no subject he is unprepared on whether it's wine, art, music, travelling.
He is sweet and respectful, his presence is dominant in a way that makes you feel protected, reassured, and relaxed.
More than anything he was great at reading me, and understanding my every thought without me needing to spell it out. He made me feel utterly spoiled, with so many little attention.
Would highly recommend if you are looking for a thoughtful, classy and sophisticated escort.

by HollyDDxx on The Male Escort Agency

Just got back from a wonderful evening with Jack and I’m absolutely buzzing! 😍😈 I can’t wait to rebook our next date. Jack’s charming, funny and absolutely gorgeous. We had so much fun. Thanks again babe! Xx

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