Awesome Things You Can Always Learn From A Male Escort

male escortA woman who is paying for an orgasm would never ever fake it. You may feel overwhelmed with your preconceptions and beliefs against prostitution. What is being discussed here is a simple matter of demand and supply. In case, a girl is giving $500 to a male escort, she wouldn’t pretend that her world was rocked. She would definitely demand it and her weak knees would signify her ecstasy. These things can be a little confusing for rest of us while we all want our partners to be honest with us, there is a rising number of women who are fastly moving towards fauxgasms. There are numerous studies that verify that more than half of orgasms are faked by women. So, science suggests that there is a vast room for improvement and no one can guide you better than the one who is being paid to provide women with pleasure services. So, here are some guidelines provided by some expert male escorts who suggested a few things that can always be helpful in giving better services to your wives or girlfriend:

  • Learn To Give Them Due Respect: It is true that we are all living in a patriarchal world where everything is about pleasing a man, the fact is sex is not about the pleasure of a man but that of a woman. And it doesn’t come only from physical pleasures but how you treat her. A professional escort service provider does nothing but starting a conversation by giving a woman her due respect and the kind of attention she deserves. It is one of the first things that male escorts suggest men, the key to getting close to a woman is giving her due respect and honour that she expects from you.
  • Next, for a better physical intimacy, you need to learn some physical skills as well. Work on your massage skills and pleasure skills. Having knowledge of some good massaging skills can be of great use in this case. It is one of the best things that females love, being touched by someone in a special erotic manner. Even if it is non-erotic, it should be full of love, admirations, and as a token of appreciation for their beauty. If you didn’t receive some of it recently, make sure you get a massaging session from some professional therapist just to learn the art. It would be a good idea to take some tips from them and then use those on your loved one.
  • Almost all male escorts we spoke with told us about the power of kissing. Nothing is a better turn on than a good deep long kiss full of passion. It is your way of telling her how much she is wanted and how much you desire to be one with her. Even when you are trying to get to second base from the first one, make sure deep and enchanting kisses keep coming from here and there. According to an escort from Europe, most women want them to kiss all their body parts. Keep kissing her up and down, on her arms, inside her thighs, the tip of her fingers, these are some super turn-ons that will definitely turn her on and take the game a notch up.
  • Always keep this in mind that it is not about your orgasms. None of the male escorts doesn’t go in the job for their own orgasms. It does happen but for women, it is a completely different thing. The next time you are intimate with your women, try to make it about her and not you. Nothing would make her happier and more satisfied with you. Try to shift the spotlight off you and bring her into the picture for a while. It is not the thing that you are not allowed to come but try not to make it your first priority. Focus on her climax solely.
  • Personal grooming is also of key importance. It is not only a mandatory thing for women but also for men. You need not be a stud with rock hard abs but you can always manage to have yourself cleaned up properly and little less sweaty. There are a few male escorts who suggested men invest some amount in body trimmers as those are pretty safe for what is inside your man pants. Make sure you take some recommendations from some friends and doctors before you choose one.

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