Be a deliberate male escort

Be a deliberate male escort PROMOTE YOURSELF!!!

Often times in life, we leave things to chance. We go through our daily routines with a hope of getting a big break without doing anything about it. While hope in itself is not a bad thing, the lack of an actionable deliberate plan is. For everything we hope to achieve, which includes becoming good at being a male escort, requires effort and a plan to follow. Now, being deliberate doesn’t have to be a Herculean task. It only speaks about breaking our big plans into smaller bits – goals and objectives and then executing this smaller goals per importance and per time basis.

Being deliberate could also mean you go the extra length in your preparation to ensure all grounds have been covered. While it’s good to be spontaneous, it definitely helps if one is fully prepared. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you’re failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” As a male escort then, what can you deliberately prepare for?

Knowing more about the client
This is a no-brainer really. Covering all your basics regarding your next client can be the difference between a bad night, an okay night and a fabulous night. Whilst you want the conversation and interaction to be as natural as possible, knowing who you are dealing with beforehand helps a great deal. With the increasing popularity of social media, certain information can be gleaned from them. This empowers you as you are able to control the flow of conversations and are also able to comment on issues important to them. Also, you want to find out differences between the two of you to ensure murky waters are avoided.

Knowing more about the event 
One of the reasons why this is so important is this: As it so often happens at certain events, you can find yourself cut off from the client. When this happens, there’s a chance someone she knows will want to know more about ‘date’ and start off a conversation. It would look absolutely ridiculous if you make it seem like she brought a moron to the event. I’m sure no one likes to feel like a moron, talk less of being called one. Know about the event, the speaker or speakers if any is called, the reason for the event and so on. Just be informed and be able to talk about it.

Know more about your world
Another weapon you can have in your arsenal is to know more about the world especially the locality where you operate. Rather than having to force the conversation, recent events always provide good talk points more so if the other party is also informed.
Be deliberate about listening
This cannot be emphasized enough. Listening and listening attentively and deliberately ensures you hear all the little hints, and can pick both explicit and implicit meanings from words.
In the end, that conscious effort will always count. And the ones who put in the hard work always reap the rewards. Remember, it pays to be deliberate.

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