Become a gay male Escort

become a gay male escortIf I tell you that it is easy to become a gay male escort, I may be lying to you. However, the truth I would tell you is that you can make your life a little more complex when you become a gay male escort. In fact, I wonder what would have become of me if I didn’t take this decision two years back.

I am not really gay. I am more of a bisexual than gay. I used to work with a good construction company. I was one of their managerial staff, but my weakness for women turned out to be my doom. I loved women so much that I get easily aroused when the right girl is around. She didn’t have to do anything special besides sticking around and talking dirty.

I had a flock of girls around me, but there was this particular girl that my heart yearned for, Sophia. She was 5 feet 8, and she had a full hair that flowed freely and curled down to her back somewhere around her navel. I was a Casanova in the sense that sometimes I had a different girl all the seven days in a week.

My monthly salary ran into thousands of dollars, but before the month ended, I was already broke again. My savings was next to nothing. Having so many women is expensive and the bane of many men in our society. It is such a shame that you won’t even realise that you are ruining your future all for the fun of the present.

If at this time somebody had told me that I would one day become a gay male escort, I would have called that person silly or demented. I had used gay male escorts myself especially when I went on a business trip.

My woes began one day when Sophie visited me in the office. As we chatted, my manhood began to get turgid. I could not hold it anymore. I walked up and locked the door, and we got into action. My silly mind forgot to remind me that the entire office was wired with CCTV cameras.

The next day I was invited to a board meeting. It was a serious crime to have sex in the office, a gross act of misconduct and indiscipline. After a short deliberation, the decision was made. I was fired. That was how my earnings dropped from thousands of dollars a month to nothing.

The loss of my job didn’t stop the girls from coming to my house and it has become a tradition for me to take them out for drinks, food, or just to have fun. The loss of my job didn’t stop that.  The lifestyle further drained whatever was left of my savings.

The straw that broke the camel’s back that made me turn my back on women was on Saturday evening. One of the girls was with me then another came uninvited about an hour later. Girls don’t usually visit me unless I told them to come so this was really strange behaviour.

We all sat together talking and suddenly the girl that came later started to complain that I was giving more attention to the girl that was there before.

“That is because you came uninvited,” I retorted.

She got angry and started smashing my property. First, it was the flower vase then the glass centre table. The other girl tried to hold her off when she headed for the television, and it turned into a full-blown battle between the two. I tried to intervene but was hit on the head with an object I do not yet know.

When I got out of the hospital, I decided not to have anything to do with girls again. I decided to become a gay male escort. That I believed would help me drift further apart from women. That decision really helped me. Not only did it keep me away from women, but it also gave me a new source of livelihood.

I have better savings, and I have a better purpose for my life too. There are decisions we take when all hope seems to be lost, but they turn out to be the best thing that would happen to us.

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