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Become a male companion: A call to service

become a male companionYou know a job or career when you put your interest and gains over the interest and gains of your clients. When I chose to become a male companion, the first thing that I noticed was that I had been called to serve and not to be served. I had to drop all my interests behind me and begin to think of was to make my clients feel better after an encounter with me.

There are lots of young guys out there that are eager to become a male companion, but from the onset, they get it all wrong. Even before getting into the industry they are already thinking of how much they will make, the kind of cars they would be driving and so on. If you are in this category, bear it in mind that you are already doomed to fail.

My call to become a male companion started as a muse when I was in my final year at the university. I don’t know if to call it an accident or something but I was always in the midst of lonely students – particularly girls – trying to find out their problems, why they are so downcast and proffer solution to make them feel better. Many of them agreed that they loved having me around them. When I got out of school, I felt the urge to continue providing companionship to the lonely and that was how I got here.

I would have to confess that providing companionship on a professional level has provided me with the good things of life. I would like to see these things as the by-product of providing value to the lives of people rather than seeing it as a reward for doing work. The former is what selfless service is all about while the latter is the feeling you get from a paid employment.

I remember back then in the university; there was this young lady that was in dire need of help. She was a fresher and was desperate for a guide, but because she was an introvert, she found it hard to open up to anyone.

She was sitting in the school garden one Saturday. I noticed the way her head was bowed to one side. I have seen that look several times in the eyes of some of the people I have helped in the past. I guess it is an uncanny gift I have to spot people who are depressed or in need of a companion. I approached her and greeted.

“Do you mind if I share your seat with you?” I asked.

She obliged, and I sat down beside her. I was careful to avoid making body contact with her. I know that would feel awkward. I allowed a few seconds to pass before I asked, “Something seems to be bothering you, do you mind to share?”

She shrugged several times before telling me how she arrived from another country to study in this university but was finding everything strange. She admitted that she needed a friend but inferiority will not let her open up to me. She was so blunt as she poured out her heart. Obviously, she must have trusted me enough to tell me some of the things she said.

I began to counsel her and build her confidence. I started by telling her how pretty she was and some of the good qualities about her that I had already noticed at first glance. I further mentioned that she possessed a kind of charm that most girls don’t have and there was no need to feel inferior. We stayed in the garden for over two hours talking and laughing and before long this once quiet and depressed-looking lady started to smile. Her smile was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen.

I offered to be her very first friend if she was willing to accept me. She was visibly blushing, but that started a long friendship that still exists to this day. I still call her once in a while, and she does so too. These experiences in my university days were the motivation that made me become a male companion.

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