Become a male escort: The facts and fictions

become a male escortMy elder was a male escort. Growing up and observing his lifestyle, I have always wanted to be like him. He was free. He went to work whenever he wants and stayed at home whenever he wanted, and I have never heard him say that he was broke. All these made me become a male escort.

I love my dad because he was a free-thinking individual. He had no problem with whatever I wanted to become. All he insisted was that I should make sure that I complete my tertiary education. According to him, the higher we study and develop our mind, the better understanding we have on a subject and the better decision we would make. My mum doesn’t share in that view. She always wanted me to become a medical doctor.

I considered practising medicine as slavery. Your life will become tied to the hospital, and you will never be able to do anything else outside of the hospital. I didn’t want to become that type of man. The reason why I chose to become a male escort was varied; the idea in my mind was that it would give me the opportunity to become more than just one thing. I wanted to feature in movies, write stories, travel freely and most importantly, never be broke.

Well, getting into the industry, I was able to separate the fact from the fiction, and it dawned on me that life as a male escort was not as easy as it seemed especially for those who were ambitious like me. I will try to dissect them in different subheadings below.

Freedom has a different meaning

The moment I made up my mind to become a male escort and joined the industry, the first thing I noticed was that the freedom I thought my brother enjoyed also had its limitations for the ambitious. Yes, I didn’t have to report to the office at a certain time and close at a certain time every day, but my client’s satisfaction still reigned supreme over my want – most times.

There was a day one of my favourite superhero movies was to premiere in the cinema. I had to miss that to escort a client who had booked for my service almost a week ago. It was heart-breaking, but I had to do it for the future of my career.

Being broke depends on your appetite and not on the job

I think the subheading of this one explains it all. Those with a huge appetite will continue to go broke unless they work harder to increase their income while those with a small appetite will not go broke easily. That was the part of my brother that I didn’t understand. He didn’t work much but whatever he made from the little time he worked was always enough for him because he had a little appetite. I was not like my brother in that regards.

My major motivation to become a male escort was the idea of never going broke and having enough money to travel and pursue other career goals. These goals needed money, and I discovered that I had to work harder to meet my goals. This also cut down my free time.

It is easy to become a male escort

No doubt, once you make up your mind to become a male escort, 80% of the work has been done. That is how easy it is to join the escort industry. The hardest part is always making up your mind that this is what you want to do the rest of your life.

But, I will hate to tell you that this may be the only easy part of the job. Staying on the job has its own challenge. As you already know, there are thousands of male escorts out there, and the figure is growing almost every day. You still have to work hard to improve yourself, or the bad reviews may start coming which could lead to the end of your career.

Inasmuch I have not had any regrets since joining the industry, I learned a hard lesson, “There is really no job that is easy in this world”. It is either you are sacrificing your leisure for money or the other way around.

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