Become A Straight Male Escort at Christmas

Becoming a male escort at Christmas

We all have a dream to become something great. With hard work, you will always get to your destination. However, for certain kinds of jobs, hard work is not enough. In addition to hard work, you need proper timing. One piece of advice I have for those who want to become a straight male escort is for them to target the holiday season. That is when you have the most influx of clients. Starting your career on a high note is important, especially if you are working with an agency that allows ratings.

I was fortunate to have learned from the mistakes of people that have been in the industry before me. So, I tried not to repeat the same mistake that they made. One of my mentors told me his story, which later served as a guide to me when I wanted to enter the escort industry. I owe a lot to Frank for his mentorship. Perhaps, he didn’t even know how much high esteem I held his words.

The importance of a mentor

Frank was young and desperate when he made up his mind to become a straight male escort. He put in a lot of work in his gym, signed up for language and speaking classes as well as did his research well on the best agencies in the industry. However, because he was desperate to start making some money to pay some urgent bills, he joined the industry around the end of July. He told me that was his greatest mistake.

He spent the next three months in the industry without a single client, and it was frustrating and made him rethink his career path. It got to a point where he had to take up a job as a cleaner in a supermarket. Just when he was about to give up the escorting career, he got his first hire. This was in November. It felt surreal. That very day, he had to face the tough choice between quitting his cleaning job and going for the escorting.

Although all he wanted was to become a straight male escort, the fire was dying out because of frustration and prolonged delay. He was in doubt whether he would still remember all he had learned. Besides the self-doubt, he also wondered if the client would like him enough to give him a five-star rating which was crucial to his career growth.

Finding new escorting clients

He had to remind himself that the goal has always been to become a straight male escort. Eventually, he decided to give it a shot. It ended far better than he ever imagined it. In the coming days when festivities peaked, his client base rose from 1 to 3 to 4 clients per week. He even got to the point where he had to start rejecting clients.  This lesson is what I want to pass across today. I am optimistic it will help someone out there.

People indeed join the escort industry for varying reasons. However, suppose you are the type that cannot bear delays or wish to kick start your career immediately. In that case, you need to consider joining the industry during the Christmas holiday season because the demand for escorts is usually higher at this time.

Although I didn’t become a straight male escort because I was desperate to pay bills or any sort, I was still eager to start testing out my skills as soon as possible. So, joining the escort industry during the Christmas period helped me to actualize my dream. I had my first client a few days after completing my profile on this escort agency.

Another reason why this is an important strategy for those that want to become a straight male escort is that it gives you time to fine-tune all you know. No matter how much you think you know, there are secrets you can only learn on the job. Therefore, the earlier you begin to get clients, the faster you would be able to learn these secrets and become a better escort.

Well, if you are really young, you have all the time in the world to make your own mistakes and recover from them. However, for some of us, we never had the luxury of time and had to take the shortest excuse.

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