My journey towards becoming a male escort

becoming a male escort

I have come to understand that no career is a pushover. They all have their challenges. But somehow, I was looking at the journey of becoming a male escort as one that was pretty easy. Maybe it was just because I hated school pretty much. Therefore, any career that didn’t require me to go through a formal education seemed easy for me.

It turned out that I was so wrong. The first moment I discovered the benefits of becoming a male escort and what they did, I was so eager to be one. My mind was clouded with the potential benefits that I failed to take note of the work and preparation that was involved. There is a popular saying that failure to plan is planning to fail.

My first shot at becoming a male escort was a colossal failure because I failed to plan for what was ahead. I just went to an escort agency and declared my interest to be part of the agency. They subjected me to their screening process and gave me a nod but told me that there was a lot I was supposed to learn before I was ready for my first client. I had this exaggerated confidence that I was ready. I insisted that I should be given a shot at a client. Well, I was in my early twenties; I guess you understand the youthful exuberance.

After much deliberation, my agency decided to hand me a client to see how well I could handle the pressure of the job. Unfortunately for me, the client was a lady in her late forties who was looking for a young escort. That was the first truth I learned about the industry; you never get to pick your clients, it is mostly the other way around.

If I were given a chance, I would have preferred a much younger client, probably between the ages 19 and 23. I was pretty sure it would have felt like hitting on a random girl on the street. I didn’t get that opportunity. Here I was face-to-face with a woman that was old enough to be my mum. It felt awkward talking to her. I was nervous most of the discussion and found myself stuttering through the conversation.

After having dinner and drink in one of the expensive restaurants, she invited me to her house. The lady had a lot of money to spend. Her house was magnificent; huge and lavishly decorated. The ceramic floor was highly polished that you would see a reflection of yourself. It was the kind of luxury that I have always dreamed.

She quickly had a shower and asked me to give her a massage. She got undressed and lay on the bed face down. There was no connection with me and the lady, and it felt disgusting giving her a massage. However, I had to do it because I needed her to have a good impression of me. In this industry, escorts rely a lot on rehiring to keep them financially stable. You can get hired again if your clients are satisfied with your services.

Her soft moans as my feeble hands ran through the length of her back did not sound like melody unlike when I did it to younger females. The good news is that I survived that first test with a good rating from her.

The moment I left her house, I realized that there was more to becoming a male escort than anyone has ever told me. I met with older guys in the industry for guidance and mentoring. It was through the mentoring sessions that I learned how to separate my emotion from my job.

That lesson changed me beyond just the job. It subtly dawned on me that the way we treat people we meet depends on the first perception we form about them. It is the same reason we think one person is pretty and another ugly. I learned to treat everyone equally. Perfecting this lesson wasn’t easy.

It took me several months of practice to get there. However, the moment I was there, I was grateful because I didn’t just become a better escort but also a better man.

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