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Becoming a male escort: deviating from the family norm

Becoming a male escort meant I had to deviate from the Catholic values of my family. It pricked my conscience that I was consciously sinning and attracting the wrath of the Most High. In the end, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. If given the opportunity to start my life all over again, I will change a lot of things besides becoming a male escort.

If you are a Catholic, you will understand that besides the Ten Commandments, the church has its own rules. You have to be cautious not to be guilty of the laws laid down by God and that laid down by the church because erring on any of them can land you in hell. Trying to picture the idea of spending eternity in a burning furnace is difficult enough to talk more about experiencing it.

You might consider me a prodigal son for deviating from the family norm, but it was inevitable when I started studying and gaining enlightenment on my own. If you see escorting as a means of bringing happiness to the faces of people, giving back to the society, as a corporal work of mercy, becoming a male escort will be your dream.

By becoming a male escort, I have touched more lives than some preachers would ever do in their entire career. Every time I get a call and leave the comfort of my home, I don’t go back unless the person that called me is happy. That has always been my target. Sometimes it is easy, but at other times it is not.

I didn’t know how painful depression was until I had an encounter with a young lady that had hit rock bottom. Her life was in a total mess. Her relationship was not moving forward either was her job. They say that if disaster wants to, it often comes with her children. She lost her job and relationship on the same day. I bet no matter how strong you think you may be, this is a situation that only a few can bear.

She confessed to me that she was contemplating suicide. I am usually hired, but the moment I walked into this restaurant and saw her coiled up in a corner, I could see the darkness in her eyes. I didn’t have to wait for her to hire me to help.

I went to the counter and ordered for my favourite Mexican favourite with a cocktail. Holding the food in a tray and walking towards her, I had a lot going through my mind. I was wondering want could make such a lovely lady look so worn out. I was also wondering if my presence would make any difference.

I greeted her but got no response. When I signed up to becoming a male escort, I know this is what I signed up for, I mean not always getting responses to all my questions. I still sat down and started to eat. My stomach churned, and I realised I was really hungry. I decided to eat because no good thing can come out from an empty stomach.

As I ate, I still struggled to get her to talk. Even when she was not talking, I still spoke to her as if I was in a serious conversation. Suddenly she started talking back to me. My eyes widened. It was a success for me. From experience, I have discovered that the moment people start talking about their problem they were close to redemption. It can be likened to a drowning person; if he or she does not raise a hand, there is no way you can help.

Her voice was low, and I had to strain my ears to hear her out. I also watched my words cautiously avoiding any urge to tell her to speak up. As we spoke further, she began t lighten up, and her voice became louder. I ordered a glass of wine for her, and she took it.

The summary of the story was that her mood lifted after we spoke for a while. I learned her story and offered my advice. Not just her, I have touched several lives, and I couldn’t have done that if I didn’t become a male escort.

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