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Becoming a male escort: My story

If I am allowed to say this, I think becoming a male escort was not a decision I made; it has always been part of me. The moment I was able to walk, my mum carried me wherever she went; to the mall, to the park, and sometimes to her office. It was as if my life was interwoven around her life. As I grew older, it became difficult for me to live alone and I always wanted people around me.

I find it absurd now that in our current age people found comfort around gadgets while they treat their fellow human being with disdain. I have been at a gathering where everyone was busy nibbling at their phones with no one talking to each other. I tried to start a discussion but the conversation only lasted a few seconds, and everyone goes back to their phones. This attitude has become a norm among the young, and it is appalling.

I know that becoming a male escort to many guys means different things. Some guys decided because they were unable to get a decent job and were desperate for a means of livelihood. Others decided an escape from their routine boring life. For me, becoming a male escort is a way of life.

I have tried to live a solo life several times without success. There was this time I was driven by my youthful exuberance to rent my apartment. I had turned 20 and had male friends that were making a jest of me because I was still staying with my parents. In a desperate bid to blend with the crowd, I moved out of the house and rented an apartment. It turned out to be the worst decision I have ever made.

First off I was not a good cook, and I missed my mum’s mouth-watering dishes. I was also always broke because I spend a lot of money eating in restaurants. The friends I thought had my back began to distance themselves from me because they said I was a burden and never contributed to their gatherings. After that one year of staying in a rented apartment, I went back to stay with my parents.

If there is one thing, I would advise the youths of today it would be for them to stop struggling to blend in. Dare to be unique and be yourself; there is no harm in it. Back with my parents, I began to think about a new purpose in my life. My friendship cycle began to shift from predominantly men to predominantly women. The transition happened so organically that it swept me off my feet.

Thinking back now, I think the major reason why that happened was that the girls around me had a weird sense of humour that cracked me up every time we were around. Again, unlike the male friends, I had before who had bloated egos, and their lives were a constant struggle and competition, the girls didn’t put any pressure on me to be who I was not. They lived every day as it came.

However, as the years went by, I discovered that some of the girls around me have also caught the disease of being more drawn to their phones than the person in front of them. I realised that becoming a male escort will only draw me closer to people that needed company.

It seems that we live in a generation where people place value on things that they pay. If they are getting it for free, then it has no value. Escorting has become a career, and I have mat great ladies whom I am certain I can spend the rest of my life.

There was a day I was with this girl who confessed that I made her forget where she dropped her phone for six hours which was unlike her. She said that she was always glued to her phone. “I love people who make me forget my phone,” she said.

Becoming a male escort has always been the way I want to live; adding value to people’s lives and vice versa. I can’t remember a time I left my client without feeling fulfilled.

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