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Benefits of male escort London when you are young

My name is Barry. I will be 27 next month. I have been following this blog for a while and reading the thrilling stories shared by others. Today I have decided to share my own story. It is about the benefits of joining male escort London early. If you think escorting is your calling, it would be a great idea to start when you are younger, and I will tell you why.

I joined male escort London when I was exactly 20 years and 3 months. It was a tough decision to make at that time because I was living with my parents. Working as an escort meant that I came home very late sometimes and other times I didn’t come home at all. My parents hated the idea of keeping late nights, and it got me into series of trouble with my parents. At 21 years and 6 months, I decided to move out of the house to avoid escalating the problem.

For the close to a decade, I have been in this industry I would tell you categorically that you stand a greater chance of meeting a success if you join early. The reason is simple; there are more young girls now who are embracing the idea of hiring escorts for different reasons. Also, the older women that use escorts frequently usually prefer to hire younger guys. No matter the direction you view it, the odds are in your favour.

If you join male escort, London let say when you are already in your thirties; you should count your luck if you can get three to four clients in a month. At forty, your career has probably hit a plateau. If you are joining the industry at this time, it is likely that your career will not move beyond your nose.

Lately, I became so curious about the reason why ladies prefer younger men, so I decided to sample opinions from both of my clients and some of my female friends. Out of maybe fifty ladies that I asked, only twenty or so had answers that seemed similar while the majority preferred younger men for different reasons. With this kind of responses, it is hard to make a correlation. All I have to say is that you stand a better chance when you are younger.

This reminds me of an incident that happened a long time ago. When I was just 23, a few years into my escort career, I was hired by a lady who was in her late thirties. I don’t mean to be rude or insulting, but at that age, I probably want to have a family and be with my wife and kids. That was less of my worry by the way.

Deep down I kept asking myself, “Why me?” It baffled me why she didn’t pick on someone her age or close. It would have been a better combination. I know some women hire male escort London with the intention of seducing them into dating them. If that was her intention for hiring me was probably a bad choice because the age difference for me was too wide to imagine.

I liked her attitude anyway. She didn’t let age come between her and fun. She knew how to have fun – and was ready to spend as much as required to get what she wanted. While we were having fun, I decided to pop the question to her. My voice was a little shaky because I didn’t want to dampen her spirit or make her feel embarrassed.

“Why did you choose me?” I stared at her and watched her eyes narrow, so I quickly added, “No offence but there are older and more experienced guys out there, and I was just wondering why me”.

She smiled, a kind of awkward smile that made me nostalgic, “From experience younger men has less to worry about, so they are wilder when it comes to having fun.”

Her judgment made sense and I wouldn’t agree less. Using myself as an example, the only problem I had was how to break it to my parents that I am part of male escort London. Besides that, I have the world in my palm so when I party, I don’t hold back.

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