Between local male escorts and international male escorts

local male escortsMonotony, it is said, kills interest. When you are used to doing one particular thing over and over again, the enthusiasm will wear off, and that once fun activity will feel like a burden. That was how I felt after using local male escorts for many years. It became evident that I needed a change. I had to go international, and a business trip made the break possible.

My first experience with local male escorts was when I was 19. You know the youthful exuberance thing and the push of peer pressure. They had all reached their peaks in my life. It was considered weird among the girls not to have a boyfriend at that age. It was translated to mean that you were either not pretty or you were a nerd. I was neither of the two.

At 15 I already had full breasts and bulging hips that made most guys stare uncontrollably when I walked in the street. If you look at me, then you would think that I was already 18. It gave me a sense of pride to know that the guys were staring at me. There was a day I was going to the mall, a guy coming in front of me was smiling like someone who had just found a buried treasure. At first, I didn’t know that the smile was for me until he came close. He greeted and waved, and I waved back.

A short distance ahead I turned around and noticed that this guy was following me. The moment our eyes met he quickened his steps and caught up with me. I was scared at first until he began to talk about how irresistible I was and how he has been admiring me from behind. I giggled and thanked him. That is one case in like a hundred similar cases I have witnessed. So, not having a boyfriend was an option and not because I didn’t have trolls.

However, as I turned 19, I didn’t see any reason not to have guys around me. To have a feel for what a perfect date would feel like, I hired local male escorts. I heard they provide the perfect date. I didn’t want to have a boyfriend and start acting like a novice in front of him.

After five years, I continued to hire local male escorts but for a different reason; to deal with heartbreaks and breakups. You see, being the prettiest or the most endowed girl in this world will never guarantee you a successful relationship. I had multiple heartbreaks between 19 and 24 years and local male escorts have been great in helping me to deal with the trauma.

I am 30 now. Having been using local male escorts for the past 11 years, it is easy to see how much I have become bored with them. I am not saying that they are not great guys. They still did their thing and offered the best service you can ever imagine, but my body yearned for a change.

Recently there was this business training that my company was invited to attend. They were told they could send one staff to learn and teach the others. Luckily for me, everyone in the office thought I was the best option for the job. It was the first time I would be travelling out of my home country too. It gave me an ecstatic feeling to be able to explore other countries.

The training was supposed to last a month. The first week was very busy, so my mind didn’t have the chance to wander. By the second week, the lectures and assignments have diminished, and we were advised to interact with each other. There were men and women from more than ten different countries.

It was during this free time that I hired an international male escort. After spending about two hours with him, my mind unconsciously began to make a comparison. While it is cool to have a foreign guy beside you working as an escort, you will discover that you have to struggle to understand their accent as well as bond with them. With local male escorts, the feeling was different. You bond faster because of the shared culture.

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