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Birmingham male companions: How I turned to an addict

Birmingham male companionsI laugh when I hear people say that doing one thing repeatedly is what leads to addiction. Well, that may be the explanation that health experts have told them, but in my case, it took only a night with one of the numerous Birmingham male companions in the city for me to become an addict. Sometimes I feel like stepping on the brake pedal, and at other times I just don’t want to stop. It is a confusing feeling of pleasure and sometimes nausea, but I am not saying this to gain sympathy.

It was a long holiday that would keep me away from work, so I decided to visit my friend. She was a freelance writer that worked remotely on the internet, so time wasn’t her problem. She was the one that usually decided what she wanted to do or where she wanted to be unlike some of us whose lives are controlled by our establishment.

Whenever there is a holiday, I usually go to spend time with her knowing that she is a very jovial fellow that loves to have fun. And I also knew that she wouldn’t have an excuse not to be at home. I couldn’t imagine spending a whole week in my house doing nothing. I bet I would die of boredom or depression. I didn’t bother calling her before coming because I wanted it to be a surprise. I usually call her upfront before coming. I was wondering how she would react to this surprise.

I was lucky to meet her leaving her house when I got to her place. Truly she was surprised to see me as I observed her eyes widen. I was also surprised that she was stepping out with a packed bag showing that she wasn’t thinking of coming back soon from wherever she was heading.

“Where are you going?” I asked.

“I am going to spend some time with my boyfriend she said. It’s such a shame that we have not seen for a long time, and today you decide to come. I won’t be here,” she said. “I sincerely wish I could stay back, but I really have to go. By the way, how long did you plan to stay?”

“A week,” I said blandly.

“That is great then because I will be spending two days. I will be back before you know it. Take my keys.”

She handed her keys over to me, and as she was leaving hurriedly she said, “If you get bored walk over to the bar in the next street, you will find Birmingham male companions there”.

I stood for a while staring at the bunch of keys in my hand before opening the door and walking in. It was a cold evening, and the house was so boring. I turned on the television, but it wasn’t helping. That was when I remembered what my friend had told me about Birmingham male companions. I got up and changed into a casual dress and headed out. I just hoped they wouldn’t be so difficult to find.

I walked down to the next street as she had directed and saw the bar. It was the only bar on that street, so there was no mistaking it. It was like every other regular bar with round tables surrounded by chairs. It had a fairly large crowd with music playing from different speakers which made the entire place lively.

I sat down on one of the chairs, and a waiter came and asked me what I would drink. I requested a glass of red wine, and she got it for me. I had just sipped from it when a guy walked over to my table and excused himself to sit down. Immediately I suspected he would be one of the Birmingham male companions my friend told me about – and I was not wrong.

We began to talk, and I told him how bored I was and to my amazement, he agreed to come over to my house. That night we cuddled and kissed passionately and played lots of fun games that I wished he would stay for the whole week. When my friend called to tell me she wouldn’t be coming back in two days, I was happy because it meant more Birmingham male companions.

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