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Bisexual male escorts: When will you enjoy the company?

bisexual male escortsIn my neighbourhood, all my friends and people who spy on people know that I use bisexual male escorts regularly. Some have approached me to tell them what the experience is like and I always say it with pride like a teacher lecturing a student. One question that was not so easy for me to answer was when one would begin to enjoy the company of bisexual male escorts.

The first time that question was thrown at me by one of my friends who had just finished using the escort service but didn’t find it exciting, I stared blankly at the ceiling searching for the best response to give her but found none. I was disappointed at myself for not having a good reply to her. You know that feeling when everyone has faith in you, but you failed to deliver? I felt I had let her down.

Casting my mind back to the first time I used bisexual male escorts, I think I now have an answer for her. This response may not be good enough or apply to everyone, but I think it stands true for most people. At least, I think this was what happened to me on my first hire – and I can bet that I am not alone on this.

The first time I hired bisexual male escorts, I was a young girl. 19 or 20. I can’t recall with certainty now. All I know was that I was a novice in matters of relationship. In fact, there was this reservation I had when guys came into the picture. I am a fan of gossip and relationship blogs and most of the comments I saw there from women usually had a bitter experience about men.

I sometimes sit and try to picture the horrible experiences that those anonymous ladies have shared. So, when I hired my first escort, I observed him with suspicion. To me, there was no guarantee that he would be of the best behaviour. One thing that I have noticed is that there is little you can enjoy anxiety.

Personally, when I am anxious or in grave fear, my mind locks out new possibilities with a wall meant to protect me from any ill experience. The first of the numerous bisexual male escorts I hired was easy going and romantic but because I was living in suspicion, all his effort to make me happy didn’t bear much fruit.

However, the success of that first encounter did something remarkable to me. It made me ease myself around men, and in a more relaxed mood, I started to enjoy the company of bisexual male escorts that was around the third or fourth hire. Now, I crave for them because it is always a thrilling experience around them.

In fact, I enjoy the company of bisexual male escorts so much these days that I can barely go a week without heading to an escort agency to hire. Also, when I eventually hire, I always find it difficult telling them goodbye. I always wish they could stay longer. I am still looking for a day when I will hire and be able to keep him for a week or more.

So, it is really hard to say with certainty when you will begin to enjoy the company of the escort you hired whichever escort the case may be. It all boils down to whatever that is going on in your head. The bulk of our perception towards anything came from the inside and based on the premise of past experiences.

It is very possible to find people that hired the first time and enjoyed every bit of it. If you are among those that have been struggling to come in good terms with the service you might be tempted to say they are lying. They might be telling the truth.

There are those that have tried, and after the first bitter experience they gave up trying again. All I have to tell you is that it is OK if you don’t enjoy the company of bisexual male escorts in the first, second, or third hire. It is absolutely normal, but all that should change as you continue to hire and get more exposure.

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