Bisexual Male Escorts

Bisexual Male Escorts

Bisexual male escorts can fit any society

bisexual male escortsMany of you should be aware of the straight male escorts. There are a lot of them out there and except you don’t use the male escort services, finding one should not be a problem. This is a little personal; I find them boring anyways – like I said, it is my personal opinion.

On the other hand are the gay male escorts. If you ask me, everything goes against them; the government and society because their sexual orientation challenges what we already know and not everyone is ready and willing to change. If you intend to be a gay male escort, you should think it through thoroughly and see that you won’t be on the losing side.
I once spoke with a lady who expressed her annoyance with gay male escorts. Her grievance with that there have been times when she would find guys that take her breath away and would really desire to have them be her escort. To her, it is always heartbreaking to realize she cannot have them as escorts because they were gay. I know a lot of women out there would share her sentiments too just that not all of them will be bold enough to voice it out.

The last is the bisexual male escort who can fit in for both males and females. If you become a straight male escort, there is no society that you will not fit into. Imagine if you are a gay male escort and you find yourself in a society that does not accept gays, what would be your fate. You go out of clients and business, right? Or let us look at it from another angle, you are straight male escort and find yourself in an area with lots of guys and little girls. How do you think you would cope?

Bisexual male escorts are like chameleon, they blend with their environment. You know what that means? They can survive anywhere and maintain their relevance. I kind of admire them a lot. If for any reason I would want to be a male escort, I see no reason why I would not be a bisexual male escort because I hate been limited in anything I do.

I have many friends who re into male escorting and I have learned a few success tips from them. I think I am lucky that I have friends from both sides of the divide so I know the strength and weaknesses of each category. Somehow, bisexual male escorting strikes a balance in the pros and cons of the other categories. This is not in any way saying that straight male escorts do not have their own problems. They do.

I was with Jerry some time ago discussing about his progress in the male escorting business and where he is aiming to be in few years’ time. I have known Jerry like all my life. Our relationship comes from way back when we were still kids although it has witnessed a lot of transformation over the years. We had had our times of fights and pleasures but we always get over them one way or the other.

Jerry told me that his greatest challenge as a bisexual male escort is that most times, he is not in control of his emotions; his clients tends to decide for him how to feel. He said there have been times when he truly desired the company of a male but keep getting female clients. There are also times when he would love to escort a female but the men keep coming around. He mentioned that such moments can be depressing and he has to keep fighting to stay in the best of moods.

There are other problems he mentioned but I would not want to bore or scare you with the details. Anyways, it is your choice to make. No category of male escort comes without its own problems. The choice is yours. Once you embrace any them, you embrace the accompanying problems and benefits too. No matter what you do, always ensure that the benefits outweigh the troubles of your choice category.