Black male escorts and the topic of race

black male escorts“Race”, is a very sensitive topic to talk about. Many are scared of talking about it in the open, but behind prying eyes, they practice racism. I am not one of those afraid to talk about race, and I will tell you that the black male escorts are contributing to racial integration much more than they can imagine.

My name is Arianne, and I have a confession to make. I am a movie addict, and unconsciously I have started believing the things I see on screen. Too many movies I have seen and the books I have read that had black characters always portrayed them as aggressive and unromantic. I have started to believe them until I had a stint with black male escorts.

My inclination towards the black race was that of anarchy. Most times they show African countries on the news it is never for a good reason. It is either there is an armed conflict somewhere, or one was brewing. At a point, I stopped pitying them and began to see it as their way of life. I know this is awful about me but please don’t judge me.

I had this friend who got into a romantic chat online with an African guy after we left school. I told her to be careful because they were lots of black fraudsters online who would claim they love you only to end up milking you of your money. A year later when I met her again, she was married. I was shocked because I had no idea the relationship had become serious. I don’t even know how they met each other and I didn’t bother to ask.

She was gushing about her husband and how much of a darling he was.

“Who is your husband?” I asked to interrupt her when I began to feel uncomfortable. I also think the praise had become excessive.

“The black guy I was dating online,” she said with a broad smile. “When you go black, you’ll never get back”, she said in reference to her sexual escapade with her husband before they eventually got married.

My mouth was left hanging open as I tried to process all the information. After that brief meeting, my curious mind was already nudging me to verify if what she said was true. Don’t even think about spying on my friend’s home. I will never do that for any reason. On the contrary, I was looking for a black guy I could date.

After a brief thought, I decided to go for black male escorts. Finding black male escorts was pretty easy. There are lots of agencies out there that have a good number of blacks on their list. All I needed was to scroll through the list and hit the hire button. Inasmuch as I was apprehensive about having a black guy invade my privacy especially in private  I was confident that by hiring through a reputable agency my security was guaranteed.

The first of the black male escorts I hired was not the necessarily the best, but he remained memorable in my mind more than the rest because it was his actions that changed my mindset. He came to my house in a white Apple branded polo and a blue jean with matching sneakers.

What came to my mind on opening the door was “This dude is kitted like someone ready to commit a murder”. I am glad those words only ended in my head and never came out of my lips. What I also quickly noticed was that although he looked tough, he was soft in character.

We began to chat, and the next moment I was either smiling or laughing out hard till my ribs ached. He proved my idea of black, “men are not romantic” wrong. He was all over me caressing and massaging that I never stopped moaning. I held on to him whenever he tried to stop and motioned for him to go on.

It was just him and me throughout the day. The moment apprehension, fear, and insecurity left, love and longing took over. Now I am an addict to black male escorts, and if things go as planned, I hope to marry a black too.

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