Black male escorts tell their true story

black male escortsIf you are really interested in learning about blacks, don’t listen to the media, go ahead and hire black male escorts. The media only portray a stereotyped image of a race or people. They make one story become the only story.

Growing up, I had this view that blacks were primitive people. Whenever I fix my eyes on the screen and blacks are mentioned, it was always a tale of horror. You wouldn’t blame me for having that view about them because it was the image I grew up with. This affected my relationship with the blacks in my class when I was I college.

There was this black dude that was hitting on me, getting me gifts and stuff but I turned him down because I misjudged him. Sometimes I wish I could turn back the hand of time and take back some of the words I have said.

So, recently, I decided to learn about blacks. I read posts authored by blacks, but it didn’t give me the connection I yearned for. I wanted a face to face communication, to hear the side of their story in a way that only them could tell it. For many months, I thought of a way out.

I was surfing through one of the male escort agencies when I discovered they have provision for black male escorts. I was thrilled because it was my way out. The idea just struck. In a few weeks’ time, I hired about three black male escorts – one after the other. I was glad I did because I learned so much that the media have never said.

One of the black male escorts told me about his loving family and how they moved to America when he was young. He mentioned how they are treated like kings whenever they visit their home country. He told me how much he misses the fresh air in his home country and the high level of moral in his home country.

As he talked about his home country with fondness, I was charmed by his intellectual prowess. He also had a sense of humour and used anecdotes that spiced the discussion and made me laugh all the time. After the first hire, I couldn’t wait to hire another. He had such a remarkable and charming tale, and it was pathetic that the media never told such a tale.

The second I hired was born in America. Even though he had never visited his home country, he was proud that he could use his native language fluently. Offered to teach me but I am really not good at learning foreign languages. He would pronounce a word, and I would say it in a way that made him laugh so loud. It was a memorable time with him.

After I was done with the first three black male escorts, I knew I would soon become an addict. The more I knew about the blacks, the more I wanted to know. My most recent encounter was even more memorable. I had just returned from work on Friday when I thought I needed some company.

Hiring one of the black male escorts was easy. He arrived in a short time, and we began to talk. He proposed that we go out for a walk. I had no plan for the weekend, so I didn’t object his proposition. Within a few minutes, we were walking hand in hand in the brightly lit night.

As we were walking, a question suddenly filtered into my head and I decided to ask him,

“Why did you join the escort industry?”

He smiled and said, “I get that question a lot.”

“And I thought I was the first to ask”, I retorted.

He smiled. “Well, this is my medium through which I want to fight racism. The problem with the world is that we easily generalise a people based on the action of one person. That is wrong. I know I may not be able to change the mind of everyone but at least, let all those I come in contact with know that all blacks are not criminals.”

I nodded. Many of us are guilty of this generalisation including me. I just hope we can start treating every person like a unique individual.

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