Become a male escort during Christmas

becoming a male escortMy name is Frederick. I am not really a male escort. I am an accountant and work in the bank. But during the festivities, I seize the opportunity of increase in demand for escorts to become a male escort. It is something I have been doing for years now, and it has been a thrilling experience.

One thing that excites me the most about male escort is that anyone can become a male escort. I have discovered that no one becomes rich from their earnings alone. You can be comfortable but not rich. So, it is not a surprise that everyone seems to be taking upside hustles.

For the past one year, I started to work; I have always been thinking of what I can do to diversify my income. Whenever I finished paying my bills for that month, I was left with next to nothing. I didn’t like it at all, so I have been searching frantically for an alternative source of income.

I did not set out to become a male escort. It all happened accidentally. Christmas was nothing special for me. I would go out, have a few drinks with friends then come back home and spend the rest of the day hugging and caressing my bed.

Last Christmas something remarkable happened that transformed my life and my finances forever. I was with my friends in the bar as usual. We were chatting and drinking when a lady walked up to us asking if she could get an escort to show her around because she was new in the city. She was damn gorgeous. She had a straight face with a matching body. Her boobs and butt were just perfect.

I impulsively said yes, “I could do that”.

In my mind, I thought of spending time with a lovely lady, getting to know her and probably starting something serious with her. I was becoming pretty worried that I have no girlfriend. My male friends often tease me that I am a monk. I wanted to seize this opportunity. She was excited at my offer to help, and I was excited about a different reason too.

She was an exciting person to be with. Every minute of the way, she was chattering and making jokes that cracked me up. Normally, I would have been on my bed, but here she was injecting some of her Christmas spirits into me. I was having the best time of my life ever. I took her around different parts of the city. We played a few games in the park, stopped over in a few restaurants for drink, food or snacks.

I remember going to one of the exotic restaurants which offered Mexican dishes. It was the first time I had the privilege of tasting food that is not native to America. She had not too, but the way she ate the food will make you think it was one of her favourites. We had margaritas and burgers too.

We ended on the beach and joined a team to play volleyball. We also did a little of sunbathing, and then I took her back to her hotel room in the evening. I hugged her and gave her a peck and turned to go. The melody of her voice halted me,

“You don’t want to take your fee?”

I had not even answered when she dipped her hand into her purse and doled out a few dollar notes and stretched out her hand for me to take. I took the money without bothering to count.

“Hope it is enough”, she said.

I shrugged and laughed. Then put the money in my pocket.

She turned around to go then seemed to have remembered something.

“Can I get your number? I have some girls who need male escorts too.”

I gave her my number, and she thanked me. As I left, I counted the money, and it was close to my monthly salary. I was super excited. The next day, on Boxing Day, I got a few more calls. I still work in the bank but anytime the opportunity presents itself I become a male escort. It has been an exciting adventure all the way.

Happy Christmas to all


xmas male escorts

Just a big thank you to all of our team at the male escort agency, sorry for any delays you may have experienced but we have had a very quick learning experience becoming the largest male escort agency in the UK this year, no matter what day or what time we try to be here to help, So have a fantastic day and a fabulous new year.

Best regards

Ian and the team.

Several ways you never thought male escort could be helpful

male escortsIf someone has ever promised you they will show up for an important celebration and later failed to show up, believe me, you will never want to listen to their excuse, no matter genuine it may be. I have been grossly disappointed by my family and friends that I have made up my mind that I will never do that to anyone because I know how deep it hurts.

I can recall vividly when I graduated from college. It was the biggest day of my life yet. I was also to receive an award you can only the amount of joy in me. I have told my day severally about it in the past and each time he always assured me he would come. On that day, I looked around and he was nowhere to be found same with mom. I struggled so hard to keep the tears from dropping and it made my eyes to itch. It took me months before I could get myself to forgive them.

My girlfriend would be having her 18th birthday a few months away. In my case, she needed not to tell me the date because I always carried it in my heart like a treasure. My girlfriend was the type that remembering dates alone would make her day and there are years that she would lose track of her own birthday so I always tried to make her happy by taking her by surprise on her forgetful year.

18th birthday is very special to everyone and I doubt if there is anyone that forgot their eighteenth birthday. Come on, it is that year you become legal; you can walk across to the bar across the street and grab a bottle of chilled beer without restriction; you can have sex without putting your boyfriend or girlfriend in troubles that is how a special 18th birthday is.

I don’t know if some demon was trying to ruin my relationship but there was this job screening I attended some time ago and they invited me for an interview with the board on the same day my girlfriend was supposed to celebrate her 18th. I was in a fix and unsure of what to do. If I should ever disappoint her, I know it will take a lot of pleading to win her back. This was also a dream job and my career was at stake. I pondered on this problem for a while and I don’t know where the male escort idea entered by the head but I was glad for it.

I hired a male escort for her. He was a cool and funny guy. I explained my problem to him and he promised to fill my vacuum. I don’t know how he succeeded in keeping her occupied. Should I say I was lucky or it was a fluke I don’t know which. The interviewed started and ended early, just in time for me to catch a good part of the party.

I walked up to her and planted my kiss on her and planted my lips on her cheeks. “Where have you been all these while”? She asked. “Some friends held me outside” I replied. I didn’t want to mention the interview or the job to her. It was a high paying job and I don’t want to dash her hopes if I don’t get the job. If on the other hand, it becomes a success, it would be my next surprise to her.

Male companions as solution for misery


male companionsDespondencies are quiet executioners, however, I have discovered an exceptionally compelling method for managing melancholy which I might want to impart to you all. It worked for me, and I trust it would work for you as well. it is as basic as procuring male friends. Indeed, you read me right, it is that straightforward.

On the off chance that you have been in the position where you lost a friend or family member, it would be simple for you to comprehend the significance of misery. I had a sweetheart whom I adored to such an extent. We were intending to get hitched. At that point, there was this crisis, and he was drafted to keep the peace. An extremely youthful and fine lieutenant, the best I have ever observed.

His picture still frequents my fantasies, the way he twisted forward and kissed my brow before setting out on that doomed mission. During the time of his nonattendance, I longed for him, fantasized about our vacation and how we would have solid guys who might likewise serve in the armed force. My fantasies and dreams were never to be. They were trapped by the neighbourhood revolts and butchered like creatures.

The bloody photos of his ruined body have declined to leave my memory as far back as I set my eyes on it. I wished I never observed it, yet I was grateful I did. That photo sent me down a way of gloom. My fantasies were broken. I was defenceless and miserable. I didn’t perceive any motivation to live on.

The issue I have with grievers is that some of them talk excessively. I know they are endeavouring to be decent, to state things that would improve you feel now and again of misery yet they frequently wind up demolishing everything. The words hit you in a way they never planned.

Envision a woman came into my room where I was moved up on my overnight boardinghouse, “You are harming yourself. No measure of melancholy would bring him back.” How is this expected to improve my feel?

The male buddies that come in sometimes, typically easygoing companions and partners at work were pickier with their words. They ensured they utilized words that didn’t undermine your inclination yet rather urged you to proceed onward.

I was happy when the number of grievers started to decay, yet with each one-less individual around, the more depression crawled into the space to have their spot. When I was left with my closest male companions, Tasha, I felt vulnerable each time she cleared out for work. I felt like somebody relinquished amidst the forsake with dust storms blowing from each corner.

Each time she returned, I would embrace her tight for quite a long time, declining to pull away. I never neglected to reveal to her how I felt about her nonattendance and nearness. Truly, she is the main individual I don’t battle to awe. I know she saw precisely how I felt regardless of whether I didn’t disclose to her again and again. Tasha was the sort of individual that was delicate to the inclination and necessities of others.

“I am frightened each time I exit that entryway,” Tasha started to state, “since I am terrified that you would accomplish something insane.”

I began to challenge, however, she was firm with her words, “I think the time has come to bring in proficient male buddies.”

I was a little irritated on the grounds that I didn’t need some other individual around. I appreciated our conversation, both of us. Tasha demanded that I get male colleagues and to coordinate activity with words; she contracted one the following day.

The initial couple of days I went through with male associates brought back a considerable measure of recollections about my dead life partner. Each time my eyes fell on their undulating muscles or six packs, pictures will start to surge back. I dissented to Tasha that I didn’t need any more male mates, yet she demanded that they will continue returning till I was to live.

One thing I acknowledged about the male buddies is that they dislike the consistent grievers that overwhelmed my home before. They gave you plentiful space to lament without saying words that sound as though they were passing judgment on you. They assumed the part male companions.

Individuals don’t get it, what mourners frequently require are partners. Somebody that will be simply there not really talking but rather be doing the little errands like conveying espresso to the mourner or extending their hands to offer them a spotless hanky when their eyes are substantial.

I am happy to have a male companion to have a companion like Tasha who knows precisely what I required. Steadily I got over the passing of my life partner and began to look all starry eyed at once more. It is a pity I am not permitted to love this stunning person that has been my sidekick, however, I know he has a splendid future in front of him

I would have been one of the gay male escorts on the off chance that I was a kid

gay male escorts

No mincing word, on the off chance that I was a kid, my place would have been with gay male escorts. I am attempting to share my encounters since I had many energizing minutes with them. They are presumably the most sincerely stable individuals on the planet.

Alright, let me say particular occurrences that I have really had an astounding time with gay male escorts. The first was the point at which I moved on from school. I was such a geek at, to the point that minute. The greater part of the folks in the class would not like to have anything to do with me.

I endured disgrace and disengagement over numerous years. It was while I was attempting to get over the shame and segregation that I initially met gay escorts. The first that I enlisted gave me commend. Prior to his entry, I was anxious. I attempted to look great. I scrubbed down and connected one layer of cosmetics after another, however each time it was corrupted by the sweat bubbles the shoots wildly out of my temple.

It wasn’t summer, however, winter, yet the anxiety consumed me from within. It accelerated the rate of my digestion bringing about the disturbing ascent in my body temperature. When he arrived, I opened the entryway and solidified. I could swear that my heart solidified for a few minutes. What he did next had a significant effect. He grasped my turn in his and kissed it.

I just washed up under ice. My temperature dropped suddenly, and my throbbing nerve lose. Without precedent for my life, I felt cherished. It is an astonishing inclination. It isn’t an inclination that can be portrayed with words. You should be there to encounter it.

I needed to encounter the inclination again and again, and I enlist more gay male escorts – and they didn’t disillusion each time.

I think there is this irregular thing about folks. They are pulled in to a young lady who is aggressive. I figure the distinctive escorts that were dependably around me roused some to get nearer to me. Before long, I, at last, had a person who I could call my sweetheart. He was stunning in various ways.

In any case, he remained imperfect. I know we as a whole remain imperfect, however, there are a few defects that we may discover simple to adapt to more than the others. My beau was awesome in the angle that he cherished me and indicated it. He took me to a few spots, and we do have an astounding time together.

Past that, we frequently think that it’s troublesome mixing with each other. Or maybe, I would state that we regularly think that its hard to rack our needs for that of our accomplice. I imagine that is the thing that affection is about. On the off chance that you are not willing to forfeit for your accomplice, at that point you are not really infatuated. I didn’t state you ought to do this constantly, however, a decent number of times.

Give me a chance to give you one particular occasion. There was this day I worked so hard amid the day that I was so depleted. All I needed was to have a serene rest. That night he was so horny and started to touch me.

“I need to rest”, I let him know unobtrusively, however he persevered.

I got up that night, took my cover and went to the front room where I spent whatever remains of the night on the couch. In the morning his face was creamed with outrage. I clarified, yet he would not quit vexing.

That episode influenced me to start to contrast him and the gay male escorts I have been with. All through every one of my encounters, there has never been a period when they were furious. I have no idea about their own life, however the much I know I think they are impeccable and the sort of fellow any young lady would need.

There was this specific time that I procured one of them, and I needed to go to a gathering, yet he needed us to see one motion picture that was debuting that night. At the point when our suppositions conflicted, he chose to hold his. He was cool about it, however, I started to feel regretful before long.

It was then that a thought came into my psyche. I revealed to him we could really go and see the motion picture and hit the gathering a short time later. It was a win-win for everybody. I can’t resist, yet whenever I have issues with my beau my brain will instantly start to contrast him and gay male escorts.

“What might gay male escorts do in the event that they were in this position?” I would ask myself.

I know it is an undesirable correlation. On the off chance that lone I was a kid, I would not have dawdled in joining this cheerful group of gay male escorts.

Manchester male escorts are carrying on with the great life

Manchester male escortsWebsite design For various reasons, I needed to leave America to Manchester. Everybody wants to experience the American dream yet when that fantasy comes up short, it winds up plainly fundamental to look for an option somewhere else. When I came to Manchester, the primary thing I found was that Manchester male escorts were carrying on with the great life. I communicated with a couple of them and contracted a couple of as well. Young ladies in Manchester truly don’t know that they are so fortunate to have those great folks around. The minute I interacted with them, I realized that nothing would take me back to America any sooner. In the event that exclusive I was a person, I would have quickly joined the development. I really made an inquiry or two to know whether there was a female form however I was disillusioned when I discovered that there was none.

The third Manchester male escort I contracted was likely in his late twenties. I went gaga for every little thing about him. On the off chance that exclusive it was not all business, I knew I would have wanted to have something more close to do with him. His hair was trimmed low and cut at the front. He was around 6 feet in addition to in tallness and he wore a straightforward glossy silk gasp and a coordinating shirt. He opened his mouth to talk and I was overwhelmed by his articulation. I was abstractly getting wet and we didn’t need to talk substantially more before we wound up in the bed. That day was one of the noteworthy days of my life that I will always remember. I knew it was business and that he needed to go yet despite everything I beseeched him not to when I ascended from the overnight boardinghouse him sprucing up. He turned, took a gander at me and grinned. The grin said everything. I envisioned his dazzling voice whispering in my ears, “You are an astounding individual to be with however I need to go”. I knew it was futile attempting to argue facilitate so I lay back on the bed with the goal that I won’t need to feel frail taking a gander at him any longer.

The first occasion when I came to Manchester, I was stunned by the city. I was anxious to move around and have a vibe of the city’s recreational condition and that was the point at which I realized that I required a male escort. Discovering Manchester male escorts was not troublesome at all since they had extremely compelling male escort organizations. In the wake of spending a desolate night gazing insipidly at the roof, I flipped open my tablet and started to punch the keypads. I found two or three Manchester male escorts through the diverse male escort offices. What I did was take a gander at the past surveys to perceive what the individuals who have utilized their administrations in the past needed to state. The audits were, for the most part, great so I chose to stay with the escort organization with the most good-looking folks.

It cost me some fortune to make them consider that I was new to the city and was not working yet. We planned the following night and he was spot on time. Manchester is something different around evening time. The beautiful lights that brighten the city are blinding and exciting in the meantime. It is one of those sentiments that is difficult to clarify with words, one of those emotions that is preferred experienced over told. I was somewhat bashful as he took me starting with one dance club then onto the next. He even stunned me. I didn’t know how he accessed a private gathering where he took me to. It was entirely on welcome yet by one means or another he got us in. I ate and drank till my tummy couldn’t take any more.

Manchester male escorts are extremely carrying on with the great life. They work an efficient framework which influences them to approach heaps of customers. They acquire a magnificent measure of cash as well. Actually, over the span of my stay, I met a male escort that was hitched. His significant other recognized what he improved the situation a living and she didn’t have any issue with it. the male escort additionally gave quality time to his family. It was the first occasion when I was encountering a male escort that had a cheerful family.

Visiting Scotland with male escorts Scotland

Scotland male escorts

I travel an extraordinary arrangement, and something I do when I fly out is to find male escorts. When I hung out with male escorts Scotland, I knew I would undoubtedly require a more prominent measure of their association. There is a striking qualification between other male escorts and male escorts Scotland. If you are a standard customer of escorts, you will viably observe this qualification.

I think it has a remark with enchant. I have been with London male escorts a couple of time, and I have seen a regular imperfection with them which is that they believe that its hard to scrutinize the eager state of their client.

There was this shocking learning I had. It was one of those events when I had eager damage. At whatever point I am in that express, my perspective changes so rapidly like the skin of a chameleon. Above all, I tapped the agreement get and the accompanying minute I was asking myself, “What have I done.” I out of the blue had the slant to be permitted to sit unbothered, yet it was by then past the final turning point. If it was possible, I would wipe out the enrolling.

Exactly when this London escort came, he was all clamoring with a smile despite when I was plainly disheartened. Watching him kick up some tidy before me took after sprinkling a crush of salt on unrefined damage. I needed to wallop the gateway before him, however, combat to contradict it.

He was in his late twenties, this escort. I will offer it to him; he had this short and a best that was both appealing and planning on him. By then, there was a silencer around his neck. Best case scenario, I would dive on him and wrap my arms around his midriff. Be that as it may, this was not an average day. Far from it.

He came into the house and strolled about in vitality, getting anything he could and rattling constantly. I know his objective was veritable. He expected to implant life over into me through his activities anyway it was not working, and I have foreseen that he would see the vanity of his undertakings and change, yet he didn’t.

At the same time, he got me disturbed. I was to a great degree covetous. I was desirous that he was happy and I wasn’t. As opposed to making me happy, his exercises felt like he was scorning me. In a matter of moments, I was hollering at him, and after what seemed like an hour I educated him to get out. I later felt frustrated about the youthful individual since he did his best to enhance me feel. I felt frustrated about him since he would feel like a failure and it might pursue him for the straggling leftovers of his calling. That was the last time I contracted from that association too for the fear that he most likely educated interchange escorts with respect to me – I was that accountable.

When I was in Scotland and wound up in a similar condition. That was the day male escorts Scotland earned my respect until the finish of time. He went to my door with a smile, however, when he saw I was not smiling subsequently, he secured his own specific smile. Rapidly, he wore my slant too. that was what was absent with the London escort.

I am not an escort, but instead, if I was a man and transformed into an escort, the primary concern I would do if I passed by was to scrutinize their slant and blend with them. People tend to listen to you when you share their inclination. Once that affiliation has been made on an eager level, it is definitely not hard to lead them out and into another outlook. That is decisively what male escorts Scotland do.

  How a gay male escort made my day

gay male escorts

Being a homosexual is one of the most challenging decisions I have tried to cope within the last five years, after breaking up with different girls I have come to realize that hanging out with guys could be really fun. I moved from Detroit to Alaska last year owing to a change of job.

I have been quite comfortable with being gay since I found out that there were other gay guys around me as well. One day, after a hectic day’s work, I stumbled on one of my co-tenants, Greg. He is a six-footer with a masculine build that made him look very attractive, I’ve not asked him for once about his boyfriend but that evening I summoned the courage to ask him and he told me they had broken up because his boyfriend never told him that he was bisexual.

He went on to tell me that he was coming from an event where he was hired as a gay male escort. I have heard about male escorts but not for once did it cross my mind that there could be gay male escorts.

Greg told me that owing to his build and size he has always been the toast of escort agencies which contracts him most times to work for them as gay male escorts. He told me that he doesn’t work as a male prostitute as people thinks he does but rather he goes out on dates and during events with guys who need gay male escorts. He went into his room that night leaving me wondering if what he told me was true.

The next morning Greg came knocking on my door. I opened the door with sleepy eyes and let him into the spacious living room. We exchanged pleasantries and without wasting time Greg told me that his agency had offered him another escorting job, but they needed another dude with him. I kept mute cos I knew there was going to. He was going to ask me if I would work as a gay male escort. When he finally landed I asked him how safe the deal was going to be and he told me it was going to be fair since I would be given my remunerations. I consented and agreed to go together to the venue of the event. At the venue, Greg introduced me to a chubby looking woman preferably in her early forties as his boss. Her name was Gelina. Gelina told me that she was sorry for not going through the due process before contacting me as it was an emergency. She explained that after the event she would reach out to me for further deliberations, she then directed me to my client.

Meeting my client was not a problem. He introduced himself as Kyle, Kyle was no doubt a handsome young man. He shared a drink with me as he commented on my calmness. He asked me if I had a college degree and I answered yes.

After listening to the music which played in the background I asked him if he was gay. He looked up at me and asked why I worked as a gay male escort. I told him a friend introduced it to the job. He smiled and replied that the decision to be gay was made the day he saw his mom murder his dad in cold blood because of his decision to become gay.

Since then he vowed to remain gay. I noticed there were other men with their gay male escorts around them. It really seemed like a gay party to me but it wasn’t. Kyle told me that he had been on the look-out for a good gay partner. He said I looked good and would do fine. I wasn’t in a haste to answer him. I wanted to be thoughtful in making decisions. We exchanged numbers as he told me he wasn’t in a hurry to get an answer from me.

We parted ways and I began searching for Greg so we could head for home. I found him chatting heartily with a group of men and I thought of how happy he might be being a gay male escort.

As these thoughts were rushing through my mind, I felt a soft touch on my right arm, I turned back and found out it was Gelina. She asked me how I felt with Kyle and told her he was cool. She came closer and whispered in my right ear, she said Kyle was a multi-million dollar business mogul who was looking for a genuine gay male escort who might be his partner. She went further by telling me that this was a deal which could bring meaning to my life.

I later went home with Greg that night without mentioning anything about Kyle to him. I just told him the dude was good but deep within me, I thought how this gay male escort made my day and perhaps my life beautiful.

Male escorts and my cultural shock

male escorts

No matter how confident or open-minded, you are you will be gripped with cultural shock when you get in a new location. I am a party freak and a viable social girl, but this has never been easy for me. No matter how much optimistic I feel about the place, everything changes the moment I step out of the plane. My stomach grumble and knot and I find myself struggling to maintain the smile on my face.

When I discovered male escorts all that changed. I discovered that the problem is that when preparing to head to a new location, our minds are usually limited to the expectation of entering the country. When we finally get in, our mind goes blank.

Before I discovered male escorts, I will be like, “what next?”

However, now that I know about male escorts, the moment I step down from the plane, I am already excited about the different escorts that may be available in the new area and how I could meet them. Every journey from start to end is now filled with excitement for me.

Let me share one of my dreaded experiences with you so that you will understand my excitement on discovering male escorts. It was my first trip to London. London is one of those cities that when I see it on television, I already wish I was there. There is this air of adventure that hovers over London. There are many exciting places and events to attend.

London is also very peaceful. At least I know the crime rates are low over there or so I thought. Although I was going to a business meeting, I expected it to be fun at some point when the official matters were over.

It was all fun and expectations when I was packing my bag. I couldn’t wait to experience London. However, the moment I stepped down from the plane and the first wave of cold air blew across my face; it was as if the air froze my senses too. What followed next was anxiety, the thought of not putting up a good presentation and failing my organization. It was a sickening feeling.

I was numbed on my digits. I shook people without feeling their palm on mine. The tension reduced within days. After the three days of dialogue and paperwork, I had two extra days before I head home, so I decided to make the most of it.

I asked around, and luckily there was an opera concert that evening. I dressed up and showed up. The performances were masterpieces. I enjoyed every piece of it. When it finally came to an end, I wished it could stretch out a little longer.

Several things went wrong that night. When ill-luck strikes, it usually comes in cascade. I didn’t know I didn’t have the money or my credit card in my purse. It was when I was about to head home that I realized this.

Luckily for me, my hotel room was a walkable distance – about 30 mins of brisk walk. It would have been easier if I had a partner. The night breeze was really chilly and made my face puffy. No matter how much of a social animal you are, making new friends is still pretty difficult particularly in London where people are reserved.

Halfway home, I noticed a guy was trailing me. I wasn’t bothered at first but soon grew worried when he persisted with each turn I make. Then he began to close in. I tried to run, but he chased me down and knocked me to the ground.

He had a hood over his head, and I could not see his face. He pulled out a knife from his jacket. It shimmered in the moonlight. I froze and quit struggling. He gestured to me to hand over my purse, and I obeyed.

He was about to open the purse when another guy started running down. He got up from pinning m down and ran away. I wonder what he would have done next if he discovered my purse was empty.

Are you hurt?” the new guy said.

I shook my head.

“You don’t walk in this neighbourhood at night alone. You should hire male escorts if you must”.

We talked more as he walked me to my hotel room. He told me a lot about male escorts that I hired one the next day. You don’t need to struggle to make friends with escorts. They blend in naturally. I figured that I could always use some friendship when I visited any country without a companion.

We had an amazing evening, and I sure had a lot of sweet and bitter memories as I went back to America. Although I was disappointed that my security idea London was overrated, I was glad for my new discovery.

What it takes to become a male escort and remain there

become a male escortWhen I was younger, I admired male escorts because I had the impression that it was easy to become a male escort. “They have the coolest jobs in the world,” I used to think until I actually made a move to become one.

Many years have gone, but my perception remains true. It is actually easy to become a male escort, but that is just the farthest the ease goes. Anything beyond the membership stage is a bit of a struggle. The moment you are born male, or you can transform to one, you are already a potential male escort. The only thing standing between you is your choice.

The moment you make a choice, you automatically become a male escort. But, what happens after you have made a choice? I was so thrilled the day I made a choice. I received a rave welcome from the other escorts. They were so delighted to have me join them. It was almost like a welcome party except there was no food and drinks.

I expected the mood to continue for the rest of my life, but it died within a few days. The problem was not from my fellow escorts but the public and my clients. You see, the first thing that I quickly discovered as an escort is that you would need your own box of motivation throughout the years you have decided to spend as an escort.

If you are waiting for anyone to motivate you or look up to anyone for motivation, you are already headed for doom. Within the first few days when my enthusiasm faded, “I would probably get it back the moment I nail my first client,” I told myself. But I was wrong.

Nailing my first client did come with some form of thrill and excitement. The crisp notes in my pocket brought a shallow smile to my face, but all of them were short-lived. At those times when you meet a nagging client or a bully, you would almost begin to regret why you decided to become a male escort in the first place.

When the excitements have faded away, the only thing that will keep you moving is either self-motivation or your passion for male escorting. One of them may be enough to keep you moving, but if you lack both, I can bet that you would not last as a male escort for long. You will want out faster than you came in.

There is a way I handle that gloom, and I would want to share it with you. Towards the end of the year is always a beehive of activities. People travel a lot from one place to another. For us escorts, it is a great time to land big clients.

Earlier in the year, I had already set the target that I would make a certain amount of money by the end of the year. I was close to my target but hitting it was pretty difficult. It was a frustrating moment for me. Then I met this client, a rich chubby lady that has just come into the country and needed to have some fun.

Believe me; you don’t want to become a male escort if you are easily angered or if you cannot place your emotions in check. I was already frustrated with my situation, and this lady was treating me like another employee rather than accord me the respect I needed.

She made me carry her handbag – which by the ways was pretty heavy. Then when we got to the private party where other wealthy men and women were already gathered, she turned me into her errand boy. “Go get this…. Go call that person…”

It is hard working when you are not in the best of mood, and this lady was not making it easier for me. It took my inner strength to keep the companionship going. But at the end of it all, she praised my professionalism – as if her actions were deliberate – and gave me a tip that almost equalled my basic pay.

I added it up, and my target was achieved. What message do I want to pass across to this story you may ask?

Well, I think it is pretty important that before you finalise on your decision to become a male escort, you need to ask yourself the million dollar question, “Why do I want to become a male escort?”

Goal setting is the key to remaining a male escort when the trying times snowballs into your life. It is my own source of motivation. Each time I hit my rock bottom, I think back to the reason why I am here, and because I have not reached my goal, I somehow find the motivation to move on.

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