Cheshire male companions: Trusted tour guide

My name is Natasha. I am an avid traveller. I have been to different cities in the UK – I can brag that I have been to the most cities than anybody else. If you are new to the city and would like a partner that will not only show you around the city but make your stay worthwhile, I would recommend you hire Cheshire male companions rather than the regular tour guides.

The first time I came into the city, I hired tour guides. This is usually my routine whenever I am visiting a city for the first time. I use tour guides until I know my way around the city. To be honest, the tour guides did their best. I have had male and female tour guides, but I prefer the males because they talk less and focus more on the experience you would get from each location.

However, my perception about tour guides changed when I encountered Cheshire male companions. Maybe I thought highly of tour guides because there was no basis for comparison. Yes, I think that was the issue. I didn’t go online to hire Cheshire male escorts and ask them to be my tour guide. No, that did not happen.

It all started from the airport where I sat waiting for my flight. This guy walked up to me and sat beside me. “Hope you don’t mind”, he said. I shook my head. From that moment when he sat down, he engaged me in a discussion. I was reading a novel, but I had to put it aside because he sounded really interesting to talk.

He had a lot of silly jokes that cracked me up often, and I found myself laughing so hard sometimes that many eyes in the arena were now fixed on me. I don’t believe in fate if not I would have said that we were destined to meet. For me, it was a mere chance. Coincidentally, he happened also to be my flight partner. That was the very moment I knew it was not going to be a boring flight.

Normally, the moment I board a flight, I would plug my ears with headphones and sleep off. It is appalling, but sometimes I never get to stare at the faces of the people beside me. I can’t even recognize them the moment we come down from the plane. This time was different. We talked and talked. He always something interesting to talk about and I was good at following his lead.

When the announcement that we should fasten our seatbelt for descending was made, my stomach churned. I think it was both anxiety and longing. I quickly bared my mind to him, “This will be my first time in this city, and I don’t have anyone to show me around.”

“Today must be your lucky day,” he said, “because I am one of the best Cheshire male escorts and my schedule is flexible.”

The word ‘BEST’ left his lips with pride. He didn’t say the word like he was bragging or trying to impress. There was a tinge of confidence in the word that was hard to miss. I felt lucky. I know I just met him a few hours ago, but it already felt as if I had known him for many years. He already felt like a friend to me and not just an acquaintance.

He did not show me the interesting part of the city like tour guides use to do. He made them come alive and engraved a memory about them in my brain with beautiful stories. He had a story to tell about each of the locations we visited. His approach to tour guide was far better than what has been used.

He was a lover of nature and always emphasised on how important it was to embrace nature. From the sunny beach to the shadowy forest divided by biking and walking a trail to the museums and zoo; I was thrilled.

As we enjoyed ourselves, he told me more about Cheshire male escorts and how they fit into different shoes. “Actions,” they say, “speak louder than words”. He didn’t need to say much to convince me about Cheshire male companions. I was already impressed.

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