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My social media pages, I interact with all sorts of people, and one of the results from that is I get asked a lot of questions about my male escort job. Questions come from all angles; prospective male escorts, prospective clients, random people, and the occasional moralistic nitwit blaming me for the woes of the world. That last set of people I pay no attention to – in my mind, I see them as cockroaches and crush them with the might of Thor’s hammer. That’s by the way. One of the questions I get a lot is: “Who is the perfect client you ever had?”
The truth is, I’ve had so many great time with clients(also a few bad ones), and for different reasons too. Though there isn’t exactly a template for an ideal female client, there is a minimum that should exist, facilitating a call without hitch and I talk about them below.
Knows what she wants
A client that knows exactly what she wants and how she wants it is a male escort’s joy. It means she has an expectation. The good thing about expectation is you can always go above them, and that’s because you know where they stand at the moment. Conversely, a client oblivious to her wants is very hard to please.
Respects you
Over the course of your male escorts career, some clients will be condescending to you. They will more or less see you as a prostitute. This is a shame really, and they not seeing the void we fill can be frustrating for lack of a better word. So, a client that appreciates your time and respects the job that you do should be applauded. And an additional note, these are the type of clients I love to work with over and over again.
Doesn’t make obscene requests during calls
While I understand the progressive nature of our imagination and wants, requesting for things never agreed upon is a definite spoiler. Imagine agreeing to a call to meet the women and in between the call, her partner walks in. I don’t even swing both ways. The moral of the story is this, some clients will try to game you and ask for things never agreed upon. It is your prerogative to accept or not. Side note: never accept because you feel she won’t call you again, or you won’t get another client. Never!


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