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Common Misconception about Male Escorts

Common Misconception about Male Escortsmale escorts misconseption

Escorting (male or females) of all forms has been around as long as man has become aware of such opportunities. However, there is sadly still a bunch of misconceptions about the job. This has opened up fear, ignorance, and missed opportunities on the sides of both male and females. People are unaware of the various benefits that escorting can give both sides, and these misconceptions play a huge role.

These misconceptions are discussed in details below; as counter concepts are given in the hope they can change these old and wrong views.

It’s all about SEX

Every time I hear and read this statement, it vexes me, and I wonder to myself; how someone can have such depths of ignorance and yet flaunt it like it’s a new wig. Sadly, there are enough people saying it for it to have become a rule over time. The only way to dispel a false view is to create a more powerful narrative. What kind of narrative can this be?

Male escorting is all about providing a service like every other business. There’s a need, and men are filling that need. That need is not sex though it sometimes involves sex; it is an encompassing emotional and physical satisfaction that is provided. I mean male escorts are available as dates for events, a companion who clients can talk to in a comfortable environment, an escape for female clients who are extremely busy.

Hence, it is very obvious that male escort is beyond sex, it is a provision of both physical and emotional services.
It’s a walk in the park

This misconception is one carried by prospective male escorts – especially those who are in the school of thought as the first misconception. They feel it takes the male organ to satisfactorily carry out their responsibilities for every call.

That’s like saying the only thing a ballet dancer needs are their clothes, while important, it is less important than the skills, the balance, and elegance they put into their dance. Same applies for male escorts; there are skills that are really important like communication, attention to details etc. Being a male escort is not a walk in the park; it requires hard work, devotion and a constant need to add new skills.

The Money is easy

Making money as a male escort takes patience and time. While this is a budding industry, the amount of jobs available is rarely enough to satisfy the available hands. This means there’s no money growing on the tree to just pluck; you don’t just announce your intention of being a male escort and become successful overnight. You have to position yourself to where the market is – it has to be strategic, creative, and target-oriented. To do better in this regard, it is advisable to join a male escort agency. Doing this will your chances of earning more.

Just to reiterate, misconceptions are not good for anyone, they create the wrong impressions, and can prevent needy people miss out on what can help them. Those are the ones I know; which ones have you noticed and is not included here? Please feel free to add in the comments section, and we’ll update the post and add a credit to your name.

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