Dating a Male Escort in Edinburgh

The hilly capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh, has a lot to offer when it comes to attractions and activities for date nights. Whether you like immersing in the history of the city or enjoy grabbing a delicious grub, there is no dearth of options in the city. In the following sections, we will provide you with some great attractions, restaurants, and bars to plan your next date. Let’s dive in.


1. Go for a distillery tour


You can take your date on a distillery tour in Edinburgh, where you can sample and drink different kinds of gin before going out for dinner. Gin is one of the most popular spirits in the United Kingdom. There are many different kinds of distillery tours available in the city. You and your date can try a hand at making your own spirit on a gin-making tour. Alternatively, you can plan a visit to the most popular distilleries in the city where you can sample different varieties of gin.

2. Explore the Royal Observatory


If you want to plan a romantic date that is something out of the ordinary, you can take your partner to the Royal Observatory in Edinburgh. This observatory is located on top of Blackford Hill, and it provides a perfect setting to explore the vastness of the universe. You and your partner can enjoy watching the night sky together. The observatory also holds astronomy talks from time to time. It is especially a great idea if you and your partner share a love of science and astronomy.

3. Enjoy drinks at Hoot the Redeemer


You can also take your partner out for drinks at Hoot the Redeemer, located on Hanover Street. The vintage-style hidden bar can be found when you enter an unmarked mysterious door, which leads to an underground location. This bar features old-style movie theatre seating and many vintage elements. The cocktail menu at this bar is especially delicious, and you will also find a boozy ice cream option. This is a great idea if you want to spend a relaxing and fun evening with your date.

4. Culinary Experience at the Michelin-starred restaurants


Edinburgh has many Michelin-starred restaurants which offer varied kinds of culinary experiences. If you want to take your date out for a fancy dinner, you can try out any of the famous restaurants by celebrity chefs. One such great option is Martin Wishart’s, which offers a gourmet tasting menu along with the finest selection of wines. Besides this, you can also check out The Honours, The Kitchen, Purslane, and Aizle, among others.

5. Watch an indie film at the Filmhouse Edinburgh


You must have gone on movie dates with your partner before, but if you want to elevate your movie experience you can catch a screening at the Filmhouse. What sets this establishment apart is that it screens only the choicest of independent films. If you and your partner are cinephiles at heart, you will certainly enjoy this experience. It also has a café bar, where you can grab a bite before you go in for your movie.



These are some of our recommendations for the best places to go out for a date in Edinburgh. If you were looking for some out-of-the-box date ideas, you will certainly not be disappointed by any of these choices.

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