Dating a Male Escort in Manchester

Manchester is a city with a lot to offer. With its thriving art scene, fantastic nightclubs, extensive libraries and glorious sporting history, it’s no wonder that this is one of the most popular places to live and known as England’s second city.

Whether you’re meeting them for the first time, or you’re meeting up again for some fun, here are some of our favourite places to meet a male escort in Manchester.

Trof NQ
Another quirky spot is Trof NQ. A heady combination of good food and a lively atmosphere, alongside friendly efficient staff, will make for a great date with your escort.

With popular gigs and open nights as well as comedy and quizzes – combine this with the menu of breakfasts and burgers alongside exciting beers and some of the best cocktails in Manchester, Trof will make the perfect before or after venue.

Electric Gamebox
For thrillseekers, consider taking your date to Manchester’s Electric Gamebox. Explore different realms and race against your date at this one-stop-shop for fun things to do with tonnes of games to choose from.

The Palace Theatre
If you want to take your date out on the town for something a bit more special, head here for some drinks or dinner before catching a show at one of Manchester’s oldest and grandest theatres.

Manchester United Football Club Museum & Tour Centre
No list of Manchester date locations would be complete without mentioning one of the two teams….provided your male escort doesn’t bat for the other side, if they’re passionate about sports consider this tour!

What Makes a Great Male Escort Date Spot
It can be difficult to find a date spot that everyone likes. Some people prefer the outdoors, while others are more into bars or cafés. The best date spots are usually those that have some variety to them.

Above all else, the perfect date spot should be somewhere engaging enough to hold your date’s attention and conversation, without distracting them from you and what you would like to get from your date.

After a long day of work, a date night with a male escort in Manchester is the perfect way to unwind and recharge. Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner or a lively bar with a dance floor, we hope these recommendations can give you some inspiration on your next date.

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