Dealing with London male escorting standard

London male escorting

The ultimate goal of every girl is to have a wonderful relationship with the ones you find in romantic thrillers when you visit the cinema. London male escorting can provide that, but in reality, it is hard to find such a relationship. I have seen guys who can guarantee you such a romantic life, but they are very few.

You can only imagine the frustration of someone like me who began to use London male escorting service from the age of eighteen and a half. It was one of the class girls that introduced me to the habit of hiring after I told her I was having a tough time with my crush.

I remember how she twists her lips, almost folding it into a knot when she said, “I can’t accept less than my standard or I will just stick with escorts”.

I was curious and asked, “What are your standards?”

She smiled and began to list them, “The lucky guy that deserves me should be able to wake me up every morning with a kiss.” I nodded and forced back the smile rumbling in my throat. “He must be ready to open the door for me whenever we go out together. He would bring my breakfast to the bed sometimes. He would message me and let me message him too.”

For close to ten minutes she kept on listing qualities that made me wonder if she was talking in her sleep. When she was finally done, I heaved. I presumed it was impossible to see all the qualities she mentioned in one place.

“And you think you will ever find such a man, even in your dreams?”

“I get them anytime I want”.

It was easy for me to doubt her because all she said sounded like a mere bluff. She was firm in her opinion, and when I dragged on, she proposed a bet. She would introduce me to two different guys that would do all those for me. I agreed to the bet because I was optimistic I would win.

The next day she told me she just hired from London male escorting service and that she hired the guy for me. I wanted more details, but she declined from saying anything further. I was overwhelmed by anxiety. By the evening of the next day, she called me that she was sending a guy to my place.

My heart skipped. She didn’t even let me say a word before the phone went dead. In less than thirty minutes, there was a knock on my door. It was him, the guy my friend called me earlier. It was a Friday evening, and I was already making plans to visit a club, so I didn’t mind having a company.

I ushered him in and explained my plans for the evening and asked if he wouldn’t mind joining me. He was enthusiastic in his reply like it was what he had been expecting for a long time. I got to my room and changed my clothes. When we were set to go, he opened the door for me even without me asking.

I was a little sceptical but decided to keep mute. We partied so hard. I had to interrupt him when it was close to midnight because I wanted us to go home. I felt bad cutting short his dance, but it was very necessary.

He opted to spend the night on the couch, but I invited him to my bed. The warmth of his arms wrapped around my waist sent me to deep sleep within a short time. A kiss on my cheek woke me up. I squinted and discovered it was morning.

“Good morning lovely angel,” he said, “I have made breakfast for you”.

Now, I was speechless. My friend had won the bet. I kept on admiring this young guy, his smiles, his charm, his sense of humour, “Can this be real?” I asked myself.

He confessed he had fun with me and didn’t want to leave, but it was unfortunate he had to leave. Later in the day I confronted my friend and demanded she told me all she knew about London male escorting service.

She was hesitant at first, but with a little persistent, she spilt it.

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