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gay male companionsMy name is Brown. If there is one thing I enjoy the most, it is spending time with gay male companions. The sad thing in the past, about a decade ago, was that it was hard to find gay guys. The story is different today, and it has made me more excited than ever. I now have a great way to spend my weekends.

The main reason I don’t enjoy the company of just any guy is that most of them are vain in their discussions. I once entered a bar and saw a group of guys on a table. I felt like socialising that day, so I walked over and asked them if I could join them on the table. They agreed, and I went to get a bottle of red wine from the waiter so I can share with them.

Now, when I sit down to socialise, I always hope to learn a few new things about business and how to make money or how to make an impact on my society. It didn’t happen in this case. For the close to one hour, I spent with them they kept talking about their relationship and how they made love to this and that girl and how the girl said they were good in bed. As a young entrepreneur who was looking for ways to expand my business, I am sure it is easy for you to imagine how uninterested I must have been. I was certain that gay male companions wouldn’t have time to talk about women.

Before coming to the bar, I had hoped I would spend at least three hours. However, I tried to endure their topic for the next thirty-five minutes or so. A few times I had tried to change the topic to something business related, but they quickly went back to discussing women. When I couldn’t bear it anymore, I stood up and told them I have to leave.

I wished it was possible to spend more time in the bar with a better company, but I felt it would be rude to leave their table and head to another table. I simply walked out of the door. The next day I went to another bar, and this time I found myself in the midst of gay male companions. They were lively and full of ideas. One moment one was talking about how he was taking up courses to improve himself so that he would be able to provide more satisfaction to his clients.

They took turns to share their ideas. It was like a catching up thing. One person would talk about what he has done since their last meeting, the progress he has encountered and his challenges then the rest of them would comment and make contributions on how he could handle the successes and challenges.

When they finished going around, one of them turned to me and said, “So, what is your story bro?”

I took a deep breath. I tried to arrange the information in my head because I didn’t know where to start. While talking about myself, I mostly focused on the challenges of my business. The problem was that I was trying to get my business into the market, but customers would not even give my product a thought. They rather stick with my competitors who have been there in the market.

When I finished one of my gay male companions said his uncle went through a similar problem when he started his business and suggested I should take the same approach he took. He said when his uncle discovered he couldn’t break into the competition, he relocated his business to other cities where his competitors did not cover.

By doing so, he was able to capture the city and expanded from there. Another quickly added that I could change my target audience, like tweak my product to focus on another set of audience. These were options I never considered. The thought of it excited me.

After that evening I have been longing for more time with gay male companions. Whenever I don’t find them in the local bars, I hire them online. All the times I have spent with gay male companions have always been rewarding, and you should give them a try too.

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