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Gay escorts in London: the fair government policy

The main reason why I joined gay escorts in London is because of the fair government policy here. The government is liberal with escorts making it easy for one to work without undue harassment which is experienced in other countries. This was the main reason why I came here, and I have an interesting story to tell you about myself and my career.

I started working as an escort about five years ago. It was a rough journey for me. Before coming down to London to join gay escorts in London, I was in another country. For the sake of modesty, I don’t want to mention names. My previous country of residence criminalised escort and everything that had to do with renting men or women for whatever reason.

There was this horrible incident that I will never forget. Because of the government crackdown, we didn’t have websites. All our transactions were done offline. You have to watch your back as you walk and the moment you sight anything that looks like the cops you flee. I have been doing this for days and succeeding until this fateful day.

I had booked an appointment with a client, and we were supposed to meet in one of the popular gay bars down the street. That was usually our meeting point with clients. It was necessary that we meet there and take the details of the clients as well as have other people mark their faces peradventure anything should go wrong. It was a security measure we opted for ourselves, but we tried to make sure the clients didn’t know about it.

I suspect someone snitched on us because only the gay guys that made use of the bar knew what it was. To others it was a regular bar where you could stop for a drink there were always assorted drinks available. What saved me that day was that I didn’t show up early. I was in the cab close to the bar when I noticed cops sweeping the area. I quickly told my driver to change the direction. That was how I escaped that raid.

I got in contact with some of my friends that were arrested. They all got varying years of sentence depending on the about of accusations levelled on them. I tried to continue even after arrest, but the risk had become too much. I noticed that some cops used to disguise as clients. They would hire you and lay an ambush for you at the rendezvous point. I decided to quit escorting for some time. I knew I would spend my entire saving if I were ever caught.

For months I was stranded with no source of income. I flipped open my PC one faithful day and decided to talk to some of my friends about it. There was this guy that I used to chat up that lived in London. We shared ideas and stuff although we have never met physically.

When I told him about my predicament, he was very sorry for me, and I could feel his remorse. “Will you want to come to London and continue with your escort business? Gay escorts in London have a better working environment,” he said.

“Are you for real!” I asked with excitement.

“Yeah”, he replied.

Throughout the rest of the evening, I could not get my mind off the excitement. Thinking about it made me smile easily. He helped me to process my visa and said I could put up with him until I could stand on my own. Strengthened by a pocket full of hope, I used up all my savings to pay for the flight and handle every other expense.

Thinking about it now I am baffled at how trusting I can be. I have never met this guy, but I was ready to trust him. I cannot help but imagine the numerous things that would have gone wrong and, worst of it all, how my life would have ended without a trace.

Joining gay escorts in London was like living the dream. I did my job just how I wanted it without the fear of intimidation or being harassed. I stayed with my online friend for just three months and moved away to start the life I want.

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