Gay male escorting gets me weak to my bones

gay male escorting

I am a lesbian but sometimes get the urge to hang out with guys. It happens very few times though, and I pick escorts at such times. When it comes to choosing an escort service, I always stick with gay male escorting for several reasons, and I will share some of them with you.

First off, I know anyone will easily understand why my preference for a gay male is escorting. As a lesbian, hanging out with straight or bisexual guys would just sound weird right? But for me, it’s not really about the sexual orientation. It’s about the memory. It makes me treasure my bold steps and reminds me that I owe no apology to anyone in the way I live my life.

I grew up with a repressive father who wanted me to do exactly what he wanted. For several years I felt like a puppet. I know some of you out there will relate to this. I know there are lots of parents like mine out there. I also realise that some of them do what they do because they love their children a lot and don’t want them to make mistakes in their life choices.

But, I hope they will realise that by doing so they are limiting their children. Mistakes are part of growth. In life, you got to make mistakes and learn from them. I believe children should be allowed to explore the depth of their imaginations.

I don’t only love art, I am excited about everything art, paintings, drawings, sculptures, performances, just name it, but my dad insisted I study along the medical line. I started studying in that line, but because it wasn’t something that excited me, I performed poorly. My grades kept declining steadily.

My dad was persistent that I must study medicine. So, one day, while he was away, I packed my bag and left the house. I made sure I did not leave a trail to my destination, but I dropped a not that they shouldn’t bother looking for me so that they won’t raise any alarm and get me into trouble with the cops.

I think my dad’s attitude left a psychological scar that made me afraid of men. I couldn’t endure such psychological torture. The fear of men made me become a lesbian. I always felt bullied whenever a guy touched me. It was that bad. Although I must confess, it is getting better now. I feel a little freedom now.

With gay male escorting, it is like we are close but not really together. Everyone stays in their lane. I have achieved most of my dreams. I enrolled in an art school and learned painting and sculpture. I was one of the tops in my class. I was not very spectacular at sculpturing, but I can brag that I am a force to reckon with.

When I look at all I have achieved, I think of how being gay (carefree) was the best decision I have ever made. I would probably be reeling in regret or reeking of failure and thinking of how I would never level up to other students.

Gay male escorting reminds me of how I became who I really wanted rather than being what my dad wants me to be. There is that mental fulfilment I get around gay male escorting that I don’t get anywhere else.

Yes, I enjoy the occasional parties we attend together and how they often make me go wild and unleash my inner child, the child that just wants to do anything without regret or pity. I don’t get this feeling anywhere else, I tell you. It’s a feeling of fulfilment and completeness. I just want to have the feeling all the time.

I know most of the people that use gay male escorting services do so for the physical experience that they get but for me, it is more than that. It is about the mental feeling and, I think, unlike the bodily feeling, it lasts longer. Whenever I want to undertake a new project and feel mentally stuck, all I do is hire, and I usually end up feeling refreshed and motivated to hit the task with all I have.

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