Gay male escorting: My discovery of escort services

gay male escortingMy name is Mike, and I am gay. I used to be scared of talking about my sexual affiliation in the open because of the fear of being mocked. That feeling is gone. I don’t care what people think anymore. How did I get this gut? From a stint with gay male escorting services. It was more like an accidental encounter, and my life has changed.

Let me try to talk about the story in finer detail. When I was young, I was severely bullied by a gang of older girls, and I was ashamed to tell anyone about it because they would laugh at me. One day I was heading home from school, and they ambushed me. If I had known they were there, I would have taken the longer route home.

The ruffled me up a bit, and I tried to fight back. I usually let them bully me without fighting back, but that day I don’t know what came over me. Probably it was because I failed a test and was already annoyed. One of the girls swung a twig, and I fell to the ground. When I opened my eyes, I was in the hospital wrapped in bandages. Some of the bandages had blood stains. For weeks I couldn’t remember what happened.

When I returned, I learned the girls had left the neighborhood. Probably they thought I had died and were running for their dear lives so that they won’t be in police trouble. If they had remained, I was ready to expose them because I was no longer afraid of them and the consequences. That is the kind of thing a near-death experience do to you.

That was the beginning of my hatred for girls. I was more annoyed that they ran away. “Cowards!” I called them. The thought that they hurt me and ran away from justice brought tears to my eyes. That was how I became gay – but I was secretive about it. In fact, I preferred not to talk about it.

That was until I met this guy that worked with gay male escorting service. We met at the bar one evening and began to share our personal life. He was easy-going and the type of guy you would easily share anything with. One thing led to the other, and the talk about sexual affiliation happened.

I am gay and work with gay male escorting service,” he said.

I am gay too but prefer not to talk about it especially in public” I whispered.

He laughed and started to tell me about himself and his line of work. He told me that I was not alone, that they were many gay guys like me and that there was no reason to give a hoot to what people thought about your private life.

For days after we departed, I continued to ponder about what he said. The amount of information he gave me was the type that was too much to divulge to a guy you just me. I wanted to learn more about him and his job. For many months I continued to visit the bar hoping that I would find him there but that never happened.

I was delighted the day I found out about gay escorting agencies and how easy it was to find gay guys. I didn’t waste time to hire, and I have hired a couple more after the first one. The first guy I hired from the gay male escorting service was pretty cool.

He, like the rest of the guys I hired, was not afraid of locking hands with me as we walked on the street. As I continued to spend time with them my fears and shyness gradually dissolved. It started to feel normal for me to talk about my sexual affiliation in the open.

Ever since I discovered gay male escorting services, there has been this burning itch to be one of them. The urge to dive into the industry is growing, but I also love my job and will not want to lose it anytime soon. When I meet gay guys now, I use my story to motivate them and give them reasons to be confident with themselves.

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