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Gay male escorts and non-gay clients

My name is Donald, and I am one of the proud gay male escorts working in London. I was asked recently by a friend what it was like working in the industry and was surprised when I told him that I sometimes get non-gay clients. The look on his face was that of horror, and I tried to explain to him that my work description is much different from what he thinks. I know there are others like him out there which is why I have decided to put up this post.

When I joined the escort industry as gay, I had similar expectations, that all my clients would be gay. Getting along with men was usually easier for me than getting along with women. I didn’t foresee any challenge if all my clients were gay, but I was so wrong. The mistake I made was not to have asked gay male escorts who were there before me what the feeling was like.

The first five clients or so I got were all gay, so I didn’t feel any pressure giving them the best experience and value for their money. My first challenge was the day a lady hired me. Normally I would have declined, but I also saw it as an opportunity to explore the other side of the table. She was cute, and I asked myself, “What could go wrong?”

Before I went to meet my client, I consulted other gay male escorts and asked them what the experience felt like, and the most useful advice I got was that it was important for me to be myself. I looked my best as I went to meet my client, and I hoped she wouldn’t be a free minded person that would be open to ideas because I also had surprises up my sleeve, but all that would not happen if the client were rigid.

She was a pretty young woman bustling with smiles. She was already dressed up, and I was wondering where she would be taking me. I asked, but she refused to say. She stopped a cab and whispered to the driver. We got in and began to move. We ended up in a private party, more like an engagement party organised by a friend.

I asked her why she decided to choose gay male escorts over the other escorts and she said she was very weak around guys and would prefer a guy who is not drawn to girls since that is the only way she would guarantee that she would not have sex with him.

She told me how her scepticism for boys started after her last relationship. She gave her heart to this guy who promised to marry her. After two years the dude disappeared without warning since then she has been finding it difficult to trust any other guy. I felt sorry for her. Having a glimpse of why your client hired you in the first place is a rare privilege that any escort would love to have. Like it is said, a problem shared is half solved. Knowing what is wrong with your client would help you think of ways you can help them achieve happiness and satisfaction.

The party ended around 8 pm. She wanted to go home, but I told her I had a surprise of my own and asked if she was free to try it out. She nodded. I stopped a cab and whispered to the driver just like she did. She laughed and entered. We ended up in a theatre. A romantic movie was playing, and we entered.

She jabbed me and told me that she had a weakness for romance so why did I bring her here? I told her it was important to embrace her fear because that was the only way to overcome it. We sat down, and as the movie played, she cried at some point.

When the movie ended, she was glad she saw the movie. I explained to her that it would take time before she got used to being around men again. I told her that if she hired more gay male escorts, it would help. I was really happy about the experience.

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