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Gay male escorts: the story of my best friend and I

Nobody is bad or hopeless, what they need to turn a new leaf is usually the right motivation. When I was younger, I was a miscreant and a nuisance to the point that my parents had to send me packing. Today I am a member of gay male escorts and a totally new person. What is even more interesting is that the same guy I worked with to unleash terror is the same person who inspired me into gay male escorts.

I don’t really blame my parents for throwing me out of the house. I think I deserved it. You know how confused and mentally drained you become when you don’t plan for something, and it arrives and stares you down the face. My parents certainly didn’t plan to have a stubborn kid –I don’t think any parenting plan for that.

I joined a gang at a teenage age, and we engaged in burglary and other petty crimes. A few times I was caught and remanded in a juvenile home. I would make a decision to turn a new leaf but the moment I was out of that dump I was back to my old life, I was back with my crew, and we were already planning on the next mayhem to perpetrate.

For five years my parents put up with my unruly attitude, but when I turned twenty, they seemed to have had enough. They sent me out of the house. I had to move to a faraway city, away from their prying eyes so that I can do whatever I pleased. Without education or skills I was condemned to menial jobs to keep moving – and whenever I could, I picked pockets and a few times stole from parked cars. I am sure that if I had known about gay male escorts, my life would not have gone so low.

The problem with living a life of crime is that you tend to grow over time. You may start with petty crimes but overtime you advance into more serious crimes as your needs grow. My needs had begun to grow, and I had to join larger and more dangerous groups, do their biddings for a pay.

While cleaning the streets of thick layers of snow one cold winter morning, I ran into one of my childhood friend who was my partner in crime. He was neatly dressed, and I was a bit jealous. One glance at him and you could tell he was living fine. I had to stop him because he couldn’t even recognise me.

“Oh, Lord!” I screamed as dropped my shovel.

He paused for a while and looked at me searchingly before hastening forward to give me a crushing hug. “What a long time mate. What are you doing here? I never thought I would see a familiar face here,” he said in quick succession.

I dropped my face in shame. The truth was that I didn’t know what to tell him. I quickly flipped the question back to him, “You look good mate. What have you been up? Is it a better gang? I would love to join.”

“No”, he said and waved his hand dismissively, “I don’t do gangs anymore. I work legit now with gay male escorts”.

“I would have loved to be a part of whatever it is you do, like old time sake. The problem is that I don’t have any qualification,” the words came out of my mouth leaving me in remorse. I genuinely had a string of my past life for the first time.

“Of course you can join me,” he said. “I also didn’t make it through school. Education is not my thing too.” He gave me a light jab, “What you need is a little brushing up”.

He told me where to meet him in the evening, and that was the beginning of my transformation. He told me everything I needed to know about gay male escorts and asked me if it were something I would love to do. The moment I accepted he began “brushing me up”. The last time I travelled home my parents were happy to see me. I could see the remorse in their eyes. I felt bad for my actions too.

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