Hanging out with male escorts Scotland

I travel a lot, and one of the things I do when I travel is to find Scottish male escorts. When I hung out with male escorts Scotland, I knew I would probably need more of their company. There is a striking difference between other male escorts and male escorts Scotland.  If you are a regular user of escorts, you will easily notice this difference.

I think it has something to do with charisma. I have been with London male escorts a couple of time, and I have noticed a common flaw with them which is that they find it hard to read the emotional state of their client.

There was this terrible experience I had. It was one of those days when I had emotional trauma. Whenever I am in that state, my mood changes so rapidly like the skin of a chameleon. First of all, I clicked the hire button and the next minute I was asking myself, “What have I done.” I suddenly had the urge to be left alone, but it was already too late. If it was possible, I would cancel the hiring.

When this London escort came, he was all bustling with a smile even when I was obviously depressed. Watching him bare his teeth in front of me was like sprinkling a pinch of salt on a raw wound. I felt the urge to slam the door in front of him but fought to resist it.

He was in his late twenties, this escort. I will give it to him; he had this short and a top that was both sexy and matching on him. Then, there was a muffler around his neck. On a good day, I would dive on him and wrap my arms around his waist. But this was not a good day. Far from it.

He came into the house and paced around in excitement, grabbing anything he could and rattling non-stop. I know his intention was genuine. He wanted to inject life back into me through his activities but it was not working, and I expected him to notice the futility of his attempts and change, but he did not.

In the process, he got me irritated. I was really jealous. I was jealous that he was happy and I wasn’t. Instead of making me happy, his actions felt like he was mocking me. In a few moments, I was shouting at him, and after what seemed like an hour I told him to leave. I later pitied the young man because he did his best to make me feel better. I pitied him because he would feel like a failure and it might hunt him for the rest of his career.  That was the last time I hired from that agency too for the fear that he must have told the other escorts about me – I was that guilty.

Once I was in Scotland and found myself in a similar condition. That was the day male escorts Scotland earned my respect forever. He came to my door with a smile, but when he noticed I was not smiling in return, he buried his own smile. Immediately, he wore my mood too. that was what was lacking with the London escort.

I am not an escort, but if I was a guy and became an escort, the first thing I would do if I visited was to read their mood and blend with them. People tend to listen to you when you share their emotion. Once that connection has been created on an emotional level, it is easy to lead them out and into another mood. That is exactly what male escorts Scotland do.

Like I was saying, he entered – I mean one of the male escorts Scotland I hired – without saying a word and sank into one of the sofas. He appeared more depressed than I was and unconsciously I was the one asking, “any problem?”

He started to narrate the entire ugly incidence he had been through in the past few days but found it hard to brood because he was acclaimed one of the best male escorts Scotland. H thanked me for creating the environment for him to brood over his misfortunes. I felt a deep sense of pity for him. Unknown to me was that he made up all those stories. But what it did to me was that it helped me to appreciate how much lesser problems I had.

I started to think about the thousands of people out there facing similar or worse situations but still find time to smile. That was the epiphany that made me smile too. He later told me he made the story up when we were outside taking a hike, but he had already achieved his goal which was to draw me out of my self-imposed depression.

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