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How gay male escorting helped me achieve self-fulfilment

gay male escortingThe main reason why we struggle so hard in life is to reach our full potential. Some will decide to go to school and study as a means of getting there while others will prefer to develop their skills. For me, the path to self-fulfilment was providing gay male escorting service. I know this may sound strange but it worked for me, and I am fulfilled.

By the way, I would like to mention here that I am not gay. Like some of you I was thinking that gay male escorting was a service exclusive to gay, but when I got into the industry, I discovered that anybody could be anybody so far you are open-minded and has a great load of tolerance.

If you read motivational books or listen to life coaches, they would most likely emphasise the importance of studying as a means of achieving self-fulfilment. They may not be wrong, but I have come to learn that life has no manual. What works for ‘A’ may not work for ‘B’. Sometimes your success in life depends on a seemingly insane decision.

All my close friends – except those that were gay – who I shared my desire to provide gay male escorting services thought I was insane and some of them tried to talk me out of it. Deep down, I was satisfied that it was what I wanted. So, no matter the number of ‘NO’ that I heard, I was not deterred from following my heart.

I met some of my friends who were gay and already in the escort industry and made inquiries with them, and they were excited to have me join them in the industry. I appreciate their help a lot, and they were the ones that grew my confidence. In the end, I joined a gay male escorting industry. I am a very curious person, and meeting guys who were gay and learning about their life, work, family relationships, dreams, and their challenges were pretty exciting to me.

I have also hated the idea of waking up at a certain time in the morning and heading to work like a robot. I have always wanted to be in control of my time and my life, not the situation where someone will play boss over my career and my life. Working in gay male escorting industry was more than a dream come true. It helped me to live my life the way I wanted.

Financially I have also been able to pay my debts and help my siblings to pursue their careers and dreams. When I look at some people that have regular work I weep for them. They work from morning to evening for a whole month, and they get paid an amount I get in a week. I wonder how anyone would be satisfied with that. Well, we all have our different expectations from life, and I believe in respecting other people’s decisions – just I would insist that mine is respected.

Working with the gay escorting industry is more than fun. I am the type of person that laughs at serious issues, and I bet I would have been handed a sack letter long ago if I was working in an establishment where everyone is expected to be serious.

Most of the clients I have had since joining the industry are usually those looking for happiness due to the societal pressure on them to be who they are not. My laughter has always helped. As you may have already noticed, laughter is contagious. Watching people laugh can make you begin to laugh for no reason.

It helps that I have been studying laughter yoga lately and the benefits. Unconsciously, I have been passing it over to my clients. It is such an interesting feeling living life to the fullest without any limitations and being able to touch people’s life positively even without them knowing it.

Gay male escorting also has its challenges. There are times I have met clients that refused to yield to my laughter therapy, and I have to look for other ways to bring a smile to their faces. The good thing is that I am fulfilled, and I think that is all that matters.

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