How gay male escorts became my business partners

gay male escortsI have told this story several times in the past, and it has never stopped amusing my audience – and myself too. The simple story is that I hired gay male escorts to help me wind down, but by the end of the day I hired them again as my business partners. So, as soon as the first contract ended the second one began.

Let me tell you how it happened.  I have always known I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I hated being bossed around. Before I go on, I would like to mention real quick that it is always important to discover yourself. If you don’t know exactly what you want from life, that is when you keep moving around a circle.

So, I needed funds and first-hand knowledge too. I had a burning interest in codes. Programming languages made me happy every time especially when I end up with software. After working for four and a half years, I had raised up enough capital to try something on my own.

I wanted to have a business that was strictly dealing with software development so that companies can hire us to develop software for them. While working as an employee, I had learned so much and developed quite a handful of software that I believed I could do it on my own. This is where I would advise youths to believe in themselves. The fear of failure will always be there, but you should never let it stop you from trying.

So I was working as an employee and also working as a freelancer on different marketplaces. Whenever the work at the office was minimal, I bided for jobs and handled them as private jobs. I did this discreetly because if my boss ever found out, I would be thrown out.

Working dual jobs helped me to learn how to manage my time more efficiently. No minute was allowed to waste as far as I was involved.  So, I got this client on freelancer that asked me to develop software. He gave me the details of what he wanted the software to handle.

Everything went well until one particular feature refused to fall in place. I did all I knew, but it refused to bulge. My deadline was drawing closer, and I began to panic. According to the client, if I got it right it could as well become a lifetime partnership.

I would like to mention that I was really bad at working under pressure. Put me under pressure, and my performance plummets. I decided to look for a way to clear my head. It was the only way I would ever work again.

That was the point I decided to hire two gay male escorts. The choice of gay male escorts was simple. I just needed guys that would force me to party so hard I would forget my problems, but I didn’t want the party ending in an orgy.

They – the gay male escorts – came around and we began to talk and laugh at our nasty jokes then I dressed up, and we left. We went from the open park to the cinema and then to the club. It was a crazy day for me. I never had so much fun – and I bet it was a great day for the gay male escorts too.

When we returned, I was so tired and wanted to lie down and sleep, but I decided to look at the project again. I do that a lot so that my mind keeps working even when I am asleep. Sometimes, it is the idea of a possible solution that wakes me from sleep.

“What are you working on here?” one of the gay male escorts said. I didn’t know he was standing behind me.

I explained and then pointed out the challenge I have been facing.

Before I knew what was happening, the gay male escorts were already brainstorming. It turned out both guys were part-time programmers too. In a split second, they cracked it, and the software was working according to specification.

I was almost screaming. I offered them a job to work as freelancers. I never liked the idea of working in a boring office.

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