How I fell in love with Glasgow male escorts


I came to this city in search of love but I never expected to find it among Glasgow male escorts. It is not as if I woke up one morning, dressed up in fine linen, and boarded a plane all the way to Glasgow in search of a true love. Nah… that is fairy tale. It is hard to work with people in a neighborhood where you have a dented image without them having to judge you. That was what happened in my case. It became necessary to move to a virgin location where I was less known to start a new life – the kind of life that I really wanted rather than the one I was known for which, unfortunately, was born out of the prevailing circumstance at that time. I was only trying to survive.

Before I go into my love among Glasgow male escorts, I will like to take you back a little to my past life so that you will understand why it was necessary for me to move. My parents came to America as refugees. A good part of my life was spent moving from one camp to another. It is not the kind of life I would wish on my worst enemy.  When we finally settled in, my father could not stop running after young girls. Mum was not happy about it and it led her to engage him in verbal and physical fights every now and then. This pissed me off, watching dad punch and kick mom like a worthless animal. The day I tried to intervene, I ended up with bruises instead of mom. I stopped caring about them. I began to hang out with the boys on the crib smoking all sorts of things, taking crack and drinking whatever came our way. It was a free life and we explored it to the fullest. I preferred it to watching two adults fight and hit themselves like brainless beasts.

With the guys, there was no age, race or gender barrier. Everyone was equal. One day I was with them when one of them revealed to us a plot to break into a residence in the neighborhood. No one voiced it out but it was obvious that they told me because they wanted me to tag along. The last thing I wanted was to annoy these guys who have been good to me. They have been like a family. In fact, I would have chosen them over my parents. I agreed to go with them. Everything was going as perfectly as planned until a police patrol came around unannounced. We began to race for our freedom. A few of us were caught and I happen to be among the unlucky ones. We were charged to court and handed varying jail terms. It was while I was in prison that I met one of the loveliest souls alive. I did not care what brought him into prison. I just listened to his counsels which were soothing.

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