How I Lost My love for a Male Escort

I never thought that I will lose my love a male escort, who not only made my first sexual experience male escortamazing but took care of my feelings and physical capabilities. I am a 22-year-old US citizen pursuing graduation in Medicine from Cambridge University and here I will share my story of how I lost my love to an escort and what convinced me to do so.

After completing my high school study in the USA, I decided to pursue a graduation in medicine from the UK’s Cambridge University. I along with my four other friends visited the United Kingdom two years back and got admission to the Cambridge University. This was my first visit to the country and I had not much idea about its culture and traditions. We rented an apartment situated nearly one and a half kilometre away from our university and that is where I enjoyed the greatest pleasure of my life.

I had a boyfriend in my high school, who was one year senior to me. We had a great time together until I came to know that he was enjoying similar things with two other girls from different schools. I kicked him out from my life without any explanation and fled to the United Kingdom for higher studies.

Though my ex-boyfriend tried several tricks to convince me of sex experiences, I did not help him to become successful in his plea. You might be wondering to think how a woman aged around 20 years hailing from the US, could still be a virgin, but it is a fact. Many of my friends were engaged in sexual activities while studying in high school. Most of them were engaged with their boyfriends, while some of them slept with strangers.

The time, when I first realized what the sex is all about, a fear about the practice grew in my mind. I thought men push their dick into women’s vagina forcibly and it would be horribly painful. However, my view and fear towards sexual intercourse entirely changed after having my first intercourse with a male escort.

Apart from me, my three other friends are party animals, as joining weekend parties was our common addiction. One day, they could not make it to the nearest nightclub due to inclement weather condition and decided to hire a man from a well-known male escort agency. I tried to stop them from doing this, but finally, they did it.

I heard someone ringing the doorbell and when one of my friends opened it, I saw a handsome man standing with a bottle of champagne in hand. It was an apartment with a single but big bedroom with multiple beds. Thus, there was no place to hide for me except watching them enjoying the pleasure.
The man sent by the agency was in his late thirties and looked so young and gentle. My friends were not new in this business, as they had the experience of handling an escort. However, the man went to the kitchen and promised that he will return with a delicious food. Within 15 minutes, he returned with a dish and it was wonderful.

He prepared drinks for us and invited me to dance which I immediately declined since I was not good at it. My friends took him to the bed and started disrobing him gradually. They went wild pulled out his dick out of his underwear and start playing with until it became harder and bigger than its natural size. It was very difficult for me to stay aside and watch my friends enjoying the pleasure.

I threw out my clothes too and joined the party forgetting all my fears and speculations about the scenario. Here I should include that after seeing my attitude and approach towards him, the man had realized that it will be my first experience, started treating me carefully and did nothing that could hurt me both physically and mentally.

I would like to confess that his attractive physical features and personality had impressed me a lot and that is why I did not stop myself from enjoying the greatest pleasure of my life. In my opinion, male escorts are not there to provide you only pleasure; they will bring a lot of fun and happiness in your life.

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