How London male escorts intervened in my marriage

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My name is Natasha. For the first two years I got married to my girlfriend Leah everything seemed perfect. We had known we would end up together right from the time we were freshmen in the university. I don’t know what came over Leah lately and she started spending less time with me and started hanging out with other girls. It might sound kind of weird, but London male escorts helped me to get my partner back.

I think I need to tell you more about how I became inseparable – or so I thought – from Leah. Leah resumed before me. I delayed for two weeks before resumption. So, when I arrived at school, I was very much behind in everything: accommodation, lessons, and registration.  It was around this time that I heard about London male escorts for the first time.

I was in need of help, but everyone seemed to mind their business and not willing to help. My most pressing need was accommodation. The guest house I was lodging was expensive, and I couldn’t keep up with the cost. While going home from school one evening, I bumped into Leah. Unlike the other students, she had a friendly face. When our eyes met, she smiled at me, and I said,


We began to talk, and I shared my problems with her especially my dire need for accommodation.

“You can move in with me”. She said.

I never expected it, and I was dazed. She could see the shock on my face and said, “Come on, the world is a small place, and you never could tell who would need the other tomorrow.”

That weekend I packed my things to her place, and that was the beginning of a romantic relationship between the two of us. We were more than best friends. We scratched each other’s back and pulled ourselves through school. We graduated with good grades to the surprise of haters.

The climax of our lives was when we exchanged vows to have each other until the end of time. It was a small ceremony, but the joy surpassed every other happy moment I have ever had in my life. Not even the joy of getting a huge paying job could be compared to that.

Leah and I have been living peacefully together until a few months ago when she began to act weird. I asked her if anything was the problem if it was something I did wrong but she would not answer. I was very worried because she was different from the girl I married.

Before her change of attitude, we were both busy chasing our career. Every evening we would sit on the sofa in the living room and discuss our challenges and goals. Now she never comes back until late in the night. Sometimes I only get to see her in the morning when I wake up from sleep.

I became so worried that I decided to look for a solution around. There were not many lesbian couples (although we don’t call ourselves that) out there that you can seek advice. During my search, I stumbled upon a material that was very informative and offered practical solutions.

One of the solutions it mentioned was hiring London male escorts. It explained the reason why and it tallied so much with Leah’s behaviour. For the next one month, I made it a routine to hire two London male escorts every week.

Like the guide suggested, I made sure that Leah always caught us. By the end of the month, I began to wonder if I had been wasting my time because Leah had not said anything yet to me. One morning she woke me up. Her face was swollen with anger, and it got me scared.

“Who are those men and why do you bring them here?” I opened my mouth to reply, and she added, “I also want to have a baby, but I have been hiding it from you because I didn’t know how you would feel and it has been eating me up.”

She was almost yelling now. It became clear to me what she wanted. We agreed we would have babies and they would have the same father. Without the help of London male escorts, Leah wouldn’t have opened up to me.

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