How my addiction to Manchester male escorts started

Manchester male escortsThere is a popular saying that the first impression matters a lot. I guess that statement remains relevant even today. I am addicted to hiring Manchester male escorts, and it all began with that mind-blowing experience. I can’t help but want more of that – and I have never been disappointed. So, I guess, my addiction is far from over.

I was a curious young girl that just turned 18. There is this thrill that comes with the knowledge that you can now do all the things you could never do before. I knew about Manchester male escorts and had been scrapping information about them, but I was never allowed to hire one because I was 17. Turning 18 was unceremonious for me – it felt like every other day.

Earlier in the year, I was with some of my friends, and we shared our fantasies, the things we have always dreamed of doing which we can finally do later in the year after we turn 18. It was crazy listening to the weird thoughts lurking in the minds of those innocent looking faces.

“I want to feel how it feels to get drunk,” I said without mentioning Manchester male escorts because I didn’t know how they will react to it – although everyone in the group of seven seemed to be open-minded.

“I don’t want to have ordinary sex. I want a marathon sex so bad.” We giggled at the way she stressed the marathon.

I returned to my apartment that evening. My apartment is a basement of one of the flats in the block. I made sure it was airy and well-decorated with flowers and posters. I am a sucker for luxury, and I know I will get all the luxury I need when I finally started working.

It was a weekend, and I was bored. I flipped open my laptop and began to browse through the different male escort agency. I saw this young male escort, and I believe he must be about 23. He posed with a bare chest with hands at akimbo, flashing his stomach and chest muscles like a contestant for Mr Macho.

I felt the wetness of my pant and impulsively clicked on the hire button. Soon after I got a call, and we talked briefly especially sorting out the direction and description of my house. As soon as I dropped the call, my heart began to pound beneath my chest. I was so nervous and unsure of what next to do. I looked at myself in the mirror and nearly couldn’t recognize the image staring back at me.

Manchester male escortsMy face was puffed and sweaty. The wetness in my pants dried up all too suddenly. A moment ago I was sure this was what I wanted, but now it felt so different. I was anxious, unsure of my actions. I stepped into the shower and let the water sprinkle on my skin and flow down into the drain. It helped. My nerves were calmer like some of the anxiety elements have been washed down the drain.

In about three hours, there was a knock on my door. There was no doubt who it was because I was not expecting any other visitor. The nervousness returned, but I took a deep breath in an attempt to quell it.  The knock came a second time, and I walked up to the door and turned the knob without saying a word.

He was even more adorable than his picture, the escort. He was tall, and his fashion sense was just exquisite. I struggled to speak but didn’t find the words to say. I am sure he saw my ghostly face and my gaping mouth. He crossed his index finger on my lips. It sent a tingling sensation down my spine.

“At least you should let me in,” he teased.

I smiled and shifted my body away from the doorway and gestured him in.

“What a nice day you have here,” he gasped, “Small but cosy”.

The compliment made me proud. “Thanks,” I said.

He initiated a conversation, and before long, the tension was gone. He suggested we go out for a drink. From a bar to a nightclub, then we ended the evening sitting in the park, side-by-side, with my head leaned on his shoulder while the cool evening breeze flushed our skin with Goosebumps.

It was a sweet evening for me – and I am sure it was for him too. We went back home close to midnight and cuddled in each other’s arms till we slept off. I rehired him after a month. I would have repeated, but his agency didn’t allow that so I opted for someone else. The experience was similar but unique too. As you can guess, it was the beginning of my addiction to Manchester male escorts.

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