How to Find a Date and Connect With Strangers

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to meet someone new, but didn’t know how? All of us have felt this way before. Whether it’s talking to someone who’s caught your eye in the supermarket, or at a bar, this can be one of the most difficult, awkward social interactions.

So how do we go about doing it? The answer is simple: just follow these three steps.

The first step to meeting a stranger

The first step to meeting a stranger is to go up and introduce yourself. Say hi, tell them your name, ask theirs, it’s as easy as that!

When I say easy, it takes guts, but a confident walk and some decent eye contact and a half-decent smile as you introduce yourself can often be all it takes.

The second step to meeting a stranger

The second step to meeting a stranger is for you to find something in common straight away. You could be from the same area, or have the same hobby, you could both have the same type of crusty loaf in your basket – whatever it is.

It’s not always easy to find something in common, but it’s so important to find something to comment on or ask about early on.

The final step to meet a stranger

The final step of this three-step formula is for you to ask for their number, email address, anything! That way you can stay in contact with them and keep building your relationship.

When people know how interested you are in them they feel more comfortable around you and will want to hang out again anyway – so by this point, you’ve already done the hard work!

The last thing we want is for someone we’ve met at a bar or the supermarket to just disappear forever without any connection.


Making friends with strangers can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. All it takes is a little preparation and willingness to put yourself out there. So, if you’ve been feeling alone and would like to connect with someone new, give this three-step formula a try.

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