Important traits male escorts should acquire

male escortsIt is true that certain traits are region specific, but other traits are irrespective of where you reside. I am talking about male escorts here. I must confess, when I came into the escorting business, I did not get the right information basically because the experienced male escorts are refusing to share their stories. Majority of the information I found were scrapped up half-truths and speculations from hungry bloggers.

The idea that people are fed the most is that escorting is unique to each location. In order words, it didn’t matter if you did not have a few qualities that the male escorts in location A have if you were in location B. These sorts of assertion imply room for mediocrity.

Gradually some may begin to think it is ok not to have a good communication skill and from there, the industry might degenerate to the point where others male escorts in certain locations may begin to think it is ok not to visit the gym. From there, the values continue to plunge. This is the pitiable problem that can result from half-truths.

I do not deny the fact that in certain locations, certain values can be side-lined without much harm but the emphasis should not be there. The emphasis should be on how to make the industry better. And the only way to make the industry better is to de-emphasise on the dissimilarities and focus on the unifying values – which should be the target of all male escorts.

I think it is now time to talk about the important values every male escort in the industry should have irrespective of their location or age. I will like to mention that this list is in no particular order.

1. Hold health at a high-esteem

If you do not think that your health matters, then you should not be in the escort industry because you be a potential source of “biohazard”. In the escorting industries, there are times when you meet a client, and they will want to throw away all their sense of decency and health cautiousness – either because they are smitten by your good looks or from infatuation.

If your clients drop your guard, you, the male escort, should not. Your number one priority should be to stay healthy, and you should avoid all behaviours that can compromise that. Assuming you have picked up a bacterial or viral infection, you should be the type of person that would be willing to call off all engagements till you have sought proper medical cleansing or you would end up passing the infection to multiple casualties – hence the biohazard.

The best way to stay medically fit is to make sure that you visit the hospital regularly – even when it feels as if you are healthy. Regular checks can reveal health issues when they are in their early stages and makes it easier for them to manage.

2. Communication still remains the way to blend in

I don’t think effective communication has geographical or age expiration. In the escort industry, you will likely be dealing with total strangers on a weekly or monthly basis – and a few familiar faces. How then can you blend with them if you lack effective communication skill?

You would also likely be working with clients who are in the different emotional state. It is through your choice of words that you can create the calm or pacification that will break the barrier of anonymity and pave the way to what would likely become the most memorable night for your clients – which should be your top priority.

There are several ways you can build your communication skills. You could decide to sign up with a voice coach – which is very impressive – or you can do-it-yourself by investing in books. Whichever you choose, the goal is what matters.

3. You should be a team player

Male escorts should be able to work as a team. We all know that in certain parts of the world, escorting is branded an illegal act and escorts in such countries face all sorts of abuse and discrimination. Even in countries where escorting is legal, there is still the need to improve the services as well as the need to pool the experiences of the clients.

As a team player, every male escort should be willing to share such information whenever it is available to them to the larger population. As a team player too, older escorts should be willing to readily divulge all they know about the industry to the younger and upcoming escorts. What is the point of going to the grave with all that information?

These are some of the qualities that have no age or location barrier – and the type of qualities we should promote rather than encouraging mediocrity in the industry.

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