Improving your Male Escorting Skills

Here I discuss what has worked to improve myself to be a top  Male Escort

post about seeking constant improvements as a male escort so as to appeal to a wider group

Every software developer worth his/her salt knows the importance of always updating the program or product Some of these updates have been pre-planned and released on a schedule while some are to correct bugs(errors) and some, a response to the needs of the users they never envisaged or imagined. But such improvement only stems from a mindset that isn’t static – one that believes everything can be improved upon. And that should be the mindset of a male escort.

You can’t just assume you are perfect – good looks and all, and then decide to become dormant. Be like those software developers, always seek an update on yourself. Always seek to be better, and in this case, you are both the product and the developer. There are different ways to get better and here are some.

Update your language skills
Not only will this improve your earning potential, it makes you appear more learned and high class. The world is a truly global village and no matter the city you operate, there are awesome women from all over the world needing your services. Why don’t you stand out from the crowd by learning new languages?

Update your fashion
As a male escort, you have got to look good from head to toe. You can’t afford to appear modern except the occasion calls for an old skool feel. Stay abreast of recent development in fashion, pick from latest trends that align with your style. Know what’s appropriate for what occasion and have quality clothes in stock. Spend some money on yourself and watch the returns come in later.

Update your knowledge base
Here, the golden rule is this: Never go to bed the same way you woke up. Learn something new every day. Keep your mind fresh – what you learn doesn’t have to be academic, it could be how to make a new meal or how to make paper planes. There’s no limit to what you can learn and where you can learn it. The Internet is a treasure trove of information, free information.

Learn from your mistakes
Your mistakes are your own bugs(errors). You need to learn to be better through your experiences. As you work, you’ll realize you meet different kinds of ladies with different kinds of outlook towards life. You are bound to have a horror show once in a while. What matters is that you dust your self up and be better for it.

Update your health
Your health is very critical to your work and you need to manage it well. This is inclusive of what you eat, your daily habits and your attitude towards physical exercises. Ensuring your health is well-managed means you’ll retain your youthful look longer, avoid diseases, be healthier, and happier for it. Eat healthily, exercise daily, avoid deadly habits like drugs and getting drunk too often.

On the last note, updates are not done as soon as possible; they are done as soon as necessary. And in the case of a male escort, it’s imperative you always recognize a chance and reasons to change for the better.

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