Local male escorts for Local people

local escortsThere is always this subtle longing to want to ignore the local escorts for an international alternative just for the fun of it or because of the yearning to taste something different, something from the other side of the field. I have been using male escort services for over three years now and there is something I have come to discover; local escorts are still preferable to foreign escorts and I will give you a rundown of reasons from my personal experiences why I still prefer local male escorts. This is a personal experience and you may agree to differ but in the majority of the cases, the result is the same. I will try to use personal experiences to elucidate my points.

Every race has their different ideologies and there may be a clash of interest when you go for the foreign male escorts. The treatment that gives you the best of satisfaction which you desire from a male escort may not be what they are used to and may be oblivious to your method or find it hard to adapt. This is usually the first point of conflict.

Personally, I love the services of the local male escorts in my block because they have come to understand that we ladies in that block love our men to be hard on us. We love them dressed shabbily and looking tough. We get horny from watching them approach from afar. When they handle us on the bed, it is a whole different story and we enjoy the roughness. I have become so used to them that I needed something for a change. On this note, I hired a foreign male escort of a different nationality. The idea was thrilling at first because I was going to meet somebody new and have a new experience from what I was used to how wrong was I.

He was all suited up in a leather black tuxedo which should impress any girl with an English background but surprisingly, I was not impressed. He looked like a nerdy geek with no sense of fun and it turned out to be that he had no sense of what our girls need. He did not talk tough in such a way that would get me weak rather he tried to be romantic in his speech which really sucked. I must admit that for an English girl, he would have been an epic encounter but not for me. I did enjoy his company a little but not as I would have.

The second reason why I consider local escorts above foreign escorts is that of misunderstanding there are several slangs I used which naturally local male escorts would understand but with him, I needed to explain almost every word I said and this took the fun out of them it felt like explaining a comedy. There are times I said one thing and he understood it as another. The communication gap was always there throughout the entire encounter and it was a serious problem.

I understood where the problem was coming from because I had the patience and listening ear but I bet not everyone will – and that subtle comparison will keep coming to their mind even when they are not bold enough to voice it out. You see, when you hire a foreign escort, you make life difficult for them because they have to struggle so hard to impress you.

Local escorts, on the other hand, will not have to struggle so hard because they already understand the people they are dealing with, how they think and how they act and most especially, the communication flaw will be eliminated. It is understandable that once in a while everyone will want a change. All I am saying is that when you do go for the foreign male escorts, you should not expect too much from them. It should be more like a gamble where you expect the least odds. If it turns out good, you will be glad and take it as a jackpot.

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