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London gay male escortsWhat the LGBTQ community stand to gain!

The LGBTQ community in London has endured different phases of persecution both from the government and the entire society down to the international community, but they have always come out stronger. I crave a few minutes of your time today to tell you a little about London gay male escorts and what the LGBTQ community stands to gain.

The information I am about to share would be most important to those who recently identified with the LGBTQ community. I would like to say a big congratulation to you because it is not an easy feat. Coming out of your shell and the stereotypic view of the society to stand for what you believe is probably the bravest thing you will ever do in your life.

There is a popular saying that, “Birds of the same feather flock together”. This statement should not always be viewed in the negative. It is important that they flock together because others may not understand them – or abuse them outright as the LGBTQ community has always endured from the rest of the world.

I tell you, the moment you make up your mind to join the LGBTQ community, the first major step you should take is to begin to identify with the members of this large community. You have a lot to learn about yourself and the community as a whole. Some of the things people have said about you are totally false, and you will definitely draw strength from the rest of the community. This is the power of association.

Growing up to adolescent I used to have funny feelings, but when I told my parents and friends, they branded me sick. I lived under the illusion that I was sick until I took the bold step to hire London gay male escorts when I was 23. It was when I began to interact with London gay male escorts that I discovered that my feelings were not peculiar to me alone. I learned that majority of the gay guys out there went through a similar feeling.

It excited me to know that I was Ok because the routine visit to the psychologists was becoming annoying. There is so much more I learned when I became a part of the large LGBTQ community. If I didn’t decide to flock with my kind I may never have learned this. I would probably live an unfulfilled life, cursing my very existence.

Even as an adult I still face stereotypic people every day. I was in a bar once all by myself drinking from a bottle of beer while reminiscing about my life. I had gone through a lot of work stress and had to reassess myself if it was worth it. I was almost done with the bottle when this guy walked in with his girlfriend.

He sat by the other end while his girlfriend sat between us. I was lost in thought, and the moment I was back to reality I felt like acting nice, so I said to her, “How are you doing?”

She smiled at me, and I smiled back. Just when she opened her mouth to reply my greeting the guy who has been watching the event seemed angered by my innocent greeting. He turned to me and said, “Mind your business, MoFo”.

I was surprised at his outrage because I didn’t think I have done anything provocative. He dragged his girlfriend and left the bar against her protest. I bet he must have felt threatened like I was flirting with his girlfriend right in his presence, but that was not the case.

Since I moved to this small LGBTQ community, I have never witnessed such an event. Everyone acts nice towards the other, and you will rarely hear that somebody is in a brawl or verbal abuse with another for the sake of a woman. Rather, everyone watches the other’s back and tells them when they are in danger.

I remain ever grateful to London gay male escorts for introducing me to this new life, a life where I am accepted the way I am and not some crazy community trying to force me to become who I am not.

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