London male companions

London male companions replacing my kids

London male companionsBeing a parent is exciting, complicated, and emotional. You are excited when your first child arrives but as they grow your life becomes complicated. Unconsciously you start putting their needs first before yours, but sometimes you wish to have a break from them. You have unconditional love towards them. As they get old and leave home, you become emotional and start longing to have them around. I found a way around the loneliness, and it’s London male companions.

I have four boys, and I tell you, raising boys is one of the hardest things you would do in your life. Imagine how hard it is to raise four. They kept breaking everything in the house when they were little, and it gave me a lot of headaches. The last of my lovely boys just left home to begin his life in another city where he got a job.

Since he left, I have felt terribly lonely. They call me every single day, but you cannot compare the feeling of having them physically around. I am sure it would have helped if my husband was still alive. We would have been bot retired by now and taking care of ourselves. The nanny that my sons hired to take care of me did a great job and always had something for us to talk about. Having her around was warm, but it felt different.

One day one of my sons called me, and I was telling him about how lonely I used to feel every day, and he told me he would discuss with his brothers to find a way out. About a week later young guys began to visit me 3 times every week. I loved their company, and their presence reminded me of my kids. Seeing them brings back a lot of lovely memories that makes me extremely happy.

The first time that they began to visit I was so nervous and confused. They came almost the same time with the nanny, so I thought the nanny had brought her boyfriends around. Not as if I had a problem with that but the young men were more interested in me, and that gave me Goosebumps.

I called one of my sons to tell him about it. He must have heard the anxiety in my voice, and he laughed, “Mummy relax. They are London male companions. We hired them to keep you company. Please call me at the end of the day and tell me if you were happy with their company. If you aren’t, we can think of something else.”

“You said they are?” I asked again

“London male companions”, he reiterated. “Don’t forget to call me by the end of the day and tell me about your experience”.

He hung the call.

They, I mean the London male companions were very lively to be with, and the four of them always reminded me about my sons, and I always treated them like my sons. They even call me mummy, and it brings tears to my eyes, but I keep trying to hide it from them. There was a day I made lunch for them, and we ate on the dining table.

On the day of the world cup finals, they saw the game on the living room after they thought I had slept off. They kept me company until I closed my eyes. They were analysing the teams and talking about their strengths and weaknesses. Three of them wanted Croatia to win, but one of them wanted France to win. His only reason was that France had very young players.

They were engrossed in the game that they didn’t notice I was standing at the door observing them. The sight of the four of them seated side-by-side arguing and passionate about the game brought Goosebumps on my wrinkled skin. It made me smile and drop a tea at the same time.

That was the same way my sons used to sit and argue at almost everything, movies, sports, and so on. I watched them for a while and went back into the room. I called my son later that evening. Before he finished saying “What about the London male companions” I said, “Thank You”. That was all I could say and dropped the call.

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