London male companions

How much do you need London male companionship?

Some people are too busy that they think they don’t need companionship but in reality, they are the ones that need companionship. I was in London for a whopping one month vacation, and an encounter with a guy offering London male companionship made me realise how much I needed companionship without even knowing I did.

I was supposed to be on vacation, but in reality, I was working myself to my grave. Instead of enjoying the holiday, I saw it as an opportunity to make extra cash. I didn’t have the permit to work in London, so I decided to take up freelancing jobs online.

Getting a freelancing job is not always easy, but it seemed as if everyone has connived with me to ruin my vacation. I dropped a few bids, and the next morning I had six clients chatting me up asking me if I could help them complete their project. The pay was too attractive for me to reject, so I started working on them.

I worked for seven days at a stretch, and I still have not finished the string of tasks. I was motivating myself because I know how having a companion can be distracting, but I was also burning out. I could feel it in my bones. Every part of my body ached. As I finished one set of work, there was more waiting for me. I had heard of London male companionship, but I didn’t think I would need them.

It was until I had spent half of my vacation in my room that it dawned on me that I needed to get out. Before coming here, I already promised my female colleagues that I would come back with lots of stories for them. I was already failing them.

One evening, I was trying to complete a three hundred word task, but the words were not flowing. I had hit writer’s block. I slammed my laptop and got out into the street. It was the first time I was leaving my hotel since getting here. I had not made any friends so far besides my next door neighbour in my hotel room. We occasionally met at the hotel bar and shared greetings.

A wave of loneliness hit me as I walked through the street. It was a cold evening, and the majority of the people on the street were in pairs. I had no one to talk to or hold. I was humming a song (I can’t remember which song it is now). I was drowned in the melody of the song that I didn’t notice when a guy snuck up on me from behind.

He tapped me on the shoulder, and I jerked with surprise. “Hello”, he said.

“You scared the life out of me,” I said with my hands guarding my heart. Deep down I was happy I had gotten London male companionship.

“Where are you going to?” he asked.

“Nowhere in particular,” I replied.

“Then I know the right place for you,” he said.

Having London male companionship was thrilling. I enjoyed his accent and his carriage, this young lad but I didn’t mention any of this to him. He took me to a local festival holding just down the street. It was a colourful festival with many displays. To one corner artists were in a booth displaying different sculptures and paintings. To another corner food vendors thrilled the crowd with dishes from different parts of the world.

My London male companionship seemed to be so keen to impress me, so he took me to the food vendors, scanned through the menu and pointed at one. We were served in seconds. I took a teeny bite, and it tasted nice, and I gulped the rest of the food down in a few minutes. He laughed.

He dragged me to the parade and forced me to dance. He played with me as if we had known ourselves since childhood, but we just met. I had so much fun and drank so much too that my head became dizzy.

We exchanged contacts before parting ways. Back in my room, the task that seemed impossible crumbled under a few seconds. I got in contact with my London male companionship provider a few more times before my holiday ended.

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