London male escorts – the best Christmas gift ever

male escortingChristmas is the time of sharing the love. If you don’t already understand this, you are still aloof of the real essence of the celebration. Last year I was desolate and felt abandoned during the Christmas season until I met a couple of London male escorts. The shared the most precious gift in the world with me – their time and companionship.

It was the 21st of December when I left my family in America for a short trip to London with the intention of making it back before Christmas. It was a business trip where my company would need to bid for a contract (let me spare you the details) that could change the image of our brand forever. My family means everything to me, and I was doing this for them.

The meeting for the presentation of our proposals was scheduled to hold on the 23rd. I was glad because it was enough time to give my best shot at the contract then take the next flight back to America. We all make plans, but sometimes, it never goes the way we planned.

Without prior notice, we were told the bidding would no longer hold on the 23rd but on the 27th – a day after Boxing Day. I was reeking with frustration. It creamed my face that every caring passing that walked past me did not fail to ask what the problem was. I did not answer any of those questions.

I got back to the hotel room and sank into the sofa, mentally exhausted. I wanted to call off the trip and return to America with the next available flight. But, as always, I called my husband for his opinion. I dialled him up and told him everything.

“Honey, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity,” he said, “we still have many more Christmases ahead of us to celebrate together”.

He was right, but Christmas is very dear to me. I love the feeling I get being around my family when we play in the snows in the parks. I wanted to argue with him but the words burned in my throat without making it to my lips. Arguing with my husband was always a wrong idea because he always wins. The last time I went against his recommendation, I regretted it bitterly.

Thinking about the nightmare of celebrating Christmas holed up in my hotel room was more than depressing.  Some people joke that Google has the answer to everything, but I bet you it is for real. Bereft of ideas, I pulled out my smartphone and began to fiddle with it.

I played a game then switched to viewing pictures of my kids and my husband. Then I was surfing aimlessly on the internet. My close friends know I am depressed any time I begin to engage in short random activities.

I don’t know how the idea popped into my head, but I began to search the web to see how people who have had similar experiences dealt with it. Out of all the suggestions I got, London male escorts stood out.

I typed London male escorts into the search bar and began to read through some of the reviews. Majority of them were either positive or neutral with sparse negative reviews. I got interested and decided to hire one of them.

Many of the London male escorts that I saw were already hired. I finally found a handsome young man that was available and clicked the hire button. It was the Christmas gift I decided to give myself. I had no expectations at all. All I wanted was companionship that would make me happy and make up for the time I couldn’t spend with my family.

This guy showed up on Christmas morning and invited me to London male escorts get together. Every moment I spent with them was a blast. Although there is nothing that can ever replace spending time with my family, however, their companion and love they shared willingly made all the difference.

I even got a surprise gift at the end of the day. I didn’t get to win the bid, but it was not an entirely hopeless story. London male escorts made the difference.

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