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London male escorts: what I intend doing with all the experience

London male escortsToday marks exactly five years since I started working with London male escorts. I remember the early years when I was so desperate to get clients. Now, I tend to decline lots of clients because I am beginning to think I have less to offer in the industry. I would prefer the younger London male escorts to take over from me.

There are London male escorts that came into the industry with a wealth of knowledge, either because they had friends who were already a member and shared their experiences or because one of their family members was already an escort. I had none of those privileges. All I knew about the industry was only what I could read from the Internet – and there was nothing much to read them.

Because I didn’t have prior in-depth knowledge of the industry, I had to work hard on myself to convince my agency to give me a chance and work harder on my clients for them to give me a recommendation or hire me again. The first year was pretty tough for me.

I remember there was a time in my first year that a woman in her early thirties hired me. I was 23 then. Looking at us, the age difference was obvious. The age difference was worsened by the fact that her skin had already begun to rumble. She wanted me to escort her to a party. I was so nervous and shy because I knew some of the young girls I crushed on might be in attendance. It bothered me what they would say when they see me with an older lady. They would probably think that she is my sugar mama and that would put an end to any chance I had at dating them.

I struggled with my conscience to convince myself that my career was more important compared to whatever anyone thought about me. Normally I would have declined, but that would have been a great blow to my career. I was lucky in the end that I didn’t get to meet anyone that I knew.

There are also some sweet experiences associated with working with London male escorts. I remember the Christmas eve of three years ago. This client hired me to be her tour companion to America. I can bet that I would not have been able to afford such a vacation in maybe ten years. The most important part was that it was all expense paid.

Besides the fact that it was the first time I was leaving my home country, it provided me with the opportunity of experiencing another culture. I made a few friends as well as also got a glimpse of the experience of male escorts in America. It was one of those experiences I will not forget in my entire life.

The thought that I could do more with the experience I had garnered so far dawned on me late last year. I was hired by a girl who told me that she wanted to join the escort industry for female and was trying to sample the opinion of men as well as get a hint on what to expect. I gave her some of the basics which I am sure will get her a long way in the industry if she follows them keenly.

After that experience, I stopped seeing myself as just one in the midst of other London male escorts but like a guide who could help younger people aspiring to come into the industry. I have been pondering on the best medium I could use to project this knowledge and finally I have decided to write a book.

I have already begun penning down the book although the title is still blank. I don’t know what to call it yet, but that should not be a problem, for now, right? In the book, I tried to summarize my experience from the first year of joining London male escorts up until the 5th year.

It is not like the conventional guidebooks you read because I have laced it up with humour so that anyone would find it an interesting read. Just anticipate especially for those with the intention of becoming London male escorts.

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