London male escorts when you are under the weather

london male escorts

The main reason why most of us girls scamper to have boyfriends is that of the need for companionship. But most times, when you really need them, they are nowhere to be found. That is why I love London male escorts. They are always there whenever you want them. One of the times I enjoyed the company of London male escorts the most was when I was under the weather.

The week before I fell sick was the craziest in my office. The workload had piled up, and the majority of them were assigned to me. In my office, you don’t protest, you don’t ask questions, you just do as you are told. When the work got to my table, I knew I had to work extra hard to meet the deadline set for me.

My work had to do with a lot of data entry, creating contents and typing a whole lot of words from picture to words. It was really crazy. I have never had such a huge workload and a short deadline. Failure to meet deadline had dire consequences which may lead to termination of your appointment.

Office hours weren’t enough, so I moved some of the work homes when I closed the office and continued to work until late in the night. I skipped lunch sometimes too. Snacks and milkshakes became the bulk of my food because they cost me less time to get. My sleep per day was reduced to three hours tops, and I would be back on my table working like a robot. Voila! I met the deadline which came with huge rewards too but at a price.  A costly price.

It was precisely on Wednesday the next week that I started to feel funny. I was nauseated and had stomach upset and headache. I dispelled it as one of the outcomes of stress. Around midday that same day I was weak and was almost collapsing. It was one of my colleagues that came to my rescue.

How we got to the hospital, I don’t know. What I knew was that I woke up and saw myself in the hospital bed. The doctor said I had suffered from mental exhaustion and that I had an ulcer. I was going to be grounded for at least a week. I was sure going to need some help.

When it was time to go, I rang up my boyfriend and asked if he could come and spend time with me for a week, even if it was a few hours every day. He objected saying he had a tight schedule. I kind of understand because we did similar work. But it was still painful to accept.

I thought of what to do for a while, and the thought hit me that I should hire London male escorts. I have always known about London male escorts, but I have always objected and sometimes criticised those that hired them.  I called them cowards who were hiding from reality. I imagined how someone would hire an escort that would last for a while rather than getting a boyfriend that would always be there for them.

My situation made me realise the importance of London male escorts, and I took back all my words on those who have ever used their services. The first I hired was a cute young guy, probably in his early thirties. He acted as a nanny throughout the time he spent with me, and I wished I could keep him for a week.

He was also a great cook. He asked me if I had some money and I handed him $100. He went out and came back with two nylon bag filled with groceries. I was really surprised when he went to the kitchen and began to chop the vegetables into fine pieces.

He made me launch and made sure my mouth was always busy, talking. He had a lot of questions to ask. Keeping my mouth busy made me feel better. I hired London male escorts throughout the week and didn’t even feel the absence of my boyfriend. It was an exhilarating experience. I don’t beg anyone to stay with me anymore, not even my boyfriend. I just hire London male escorts.

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